100 Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Short hairstyles for fine hair!

Sometimes it’s hard to find a short hairstyle idea for fine hair.

This type of hair requires an appropriate cut so as not to damage this delicate texture and take good care of it.

If you want to adapt a short hair style, here are some suggestions that might appeal to you.

Pixie short haircut

If you want short hair, and you’ve got fine hair, the Pixie style is one of the ideal cuts for it.

Pixie short agitated: feathered layered hair swept to the side for a chic effect.

Tapered Feathery layers with long fringe at the front.

Icy Poker-Straight A silver hue with a short shaved cut for impact.

Pixie with tapered back ideal for dull, flat hair to energize it.

Pixie rocking texture for a sophisticated effect with volume and blond dye.

Other short pixie haircuts

If you’re still interested in the Pixie model, here are some other styles you might like:

  • Pixie with open neck : layered from shortest to longest.

  • A Pixie in disarray which gives a disheveled style thanks to short layers.

  • Edgy Pixie a technique that offers a better feature for fine hair to draw attention to facial features.

  • The Pixie out of order in V This is an ideal haircut if you’re just starting out.

  • Pixie long-layer angled another edgy pixie style that’s perfect for fine hair.

Pixie hairstyles colors

The Pixie hair style is very trendy for short hair types, especially if this cut is enhanced by coloring.

Bronde Pixie agitated uses long, shaggy bangs with brown roots.

Pixie with V-shaped neck black and blond dye with a fringe cut for a chic, sophisticated result.

Two shades with undercut mixes bright and dark colors to enhance edgy style.

Pink pastille offers more texture with the agitated Pixie style.

Pixie violet complexion gives your haircut a rockier, more avant-garde look.

Other Pixie hairstyles colors

You can find here other colors of a Pixie haircut that you can adopt, if you like colored hair :

  • Pixie ash blonde with undercut uses undercuts to densify hair.

  • Pixie sunny blond Thanks to the chopped layers, it can be adapted to any length.

  • Large gray With gray roots, this is a more dynamic style for fine hair.

  • Shaken with a blue sweep Sweep lightening revitalizes a black Pixie cut.

  • Pixie contrasting blond For a visually denser hairstyle.

Short Bob cuts

Other than the Pixie style, the Bob model is also very popular with women who want to adopt a shorter haircut.

Bob swept Gives a soft, rounded effect with layers of hair.

Bob short and straight for increased hair volume with chunky layers.

A-Line style A technique that adds volume by incorporating extra layers.

Textured layers and extra fringe thicken this shaggy cut.

Blonde Bob short type with the use of layers to maintain hair length.

Other short Bob hairstyles

Here are some other short Bob cuts with fine hair if you really want to apply this hairstyle :

  • Bob rounded and short offers a sober, disciplined style that differs from the usual messy style.

  • Bob bronde short professional gives a chic effect with swept-back, wispy bangs.

  • Blonde with crown on back : a mix of straight style, fringe in front, and crown in back for a chic, sophisticated result.

  • Inspired by the Southern Belle ideal for a matte skin tone with soft hair.

  • Rounded with fringe a vintage 1920s jaw-length model

  • Bob asymmetrical with a tousled effect, perfect for round facial features.

Bob color cup

Short hair is ideal for coloring, especially for fine hair types to give them more volume.

Bob silver sweep with superimposed layers for better texture.

Bob stacked blond offers traditional cropping for round facial features.

Messy blond honey A hairstyle with long, loose, tousled locks adds thickness.

Two-tone with neck release Perfect for fine, curly hair.

Bob short blond reversed offers short coats for a beautiful visual result.

Other Bob Color cups

If you want to give more volume to your short hair, here are other haircolors with cut styles you can adopt:

  • Bob style Burgundy and Tangerine Piece Apply on two vibrant shades that complement each other.

  • Rounded bronde bob uses a glossy blond complexion and adds volume with the zig-zag hair parting method.

  • Bob toasted bronde a dye applied to the jawline for a glamorous effect.

  • Brown toffee versatile, edgy layered style, especially with traditional long locks.

  • Stacked gold Gives a uniquely symmetrical and smooth result for a more sophisticated effect.

  • Bob asymmetrical unicorn A violet hue with a neutral base to bring out a fine complexion.

Blonde bob cuts

Blonde colors are the most successful shades for the Bob hairstyle, and it’s trendy too.

Bob ash blond With a rounded, restless style, ideal for fine hair.

Bob blond with gray highlights A short, shaved cut that works well with a round face.

White blond One of the most elegant cuts if you have fine hair, with a rounded layered style.

Bob in a diaper beach-blonde highlight result, plus textured full-length layers.

Corrugated adds texture to fine hair by creating waves.

Other short hairstyles for fine hair: Bob blondes

Still in the blonde color that is so popular for the Bob style, here are other models of this dye that you can apply :

  • Bob beach Apply tousled for an easy-care cut.

  • Shaggy white blond with cut-out layers for a more voluminous effect.

  • Bob blond with dark undercoat: the color provides more texture, with a contrasting style that’s free of curls and waves.

  • Swept : made in a messy jawline, with striped highlights.

  • Bob blond with light wave a cut with messy blond waves.

Original cuts for fine hair

If you have fine hair and want a short cut, there are more original cuts you can apply.

Bob blonde wavy shag applies waves to very short hair.

Bob white undercut with root bleaching for an avant-garde effect.

Funky Pixie with undercut gives an adventurous, assertive cut effect with an undercut for a more unique touch.

Shaggy diapers Use a texturizing spray while hair is damp.

Bob restless for fine hair angled to maintain length.

Short hairstyles for fine hair: originals

There are different possibilities to apply to fine hair if you want to have a rather unique short haircut.

Short cut with twists Messy application with stacked Pixie style.

Pixie Bob two-tone stacked For more volume with less maintenance.

Short cut with side part: gives a more edgy touch to the classic short style, with depth in the side part.

Pixie offline uses multiple layers to add volume.

Bob with side fringe with swoopy fringe, gives a better look.

Short hairstyles for fine hair: Pixie Bob

When it comes to short haircuts for fine hair, the mix of Pixie and Bob styles is a favorite.

Pixie Bob asymmetrical with a messy effect for a sophisticated cut.

Pixie Bob silver A trendy color for sophisticated, chic, brilliant results.

Swept rounding Add volume to your hair with a blond sweep for a trendy look.

Bob feathered blonde Perfect during the growing season, with a touch of bright blond to energize the cut.

Side blond versatile cut that’s easy to make.

Pixie Bob silver with loose strands on the side for a very short cut.

Long cuts for fine hair

If you want to go for a short haircut, it’s possible to keep the length with certain models.

Pixie long disheveled uses sweeping highlights for a more creative result.

Pixie swept blonde A finish with a V-shaped neck and blond tones to revitalize classic styling.

Long with diaper arranged in a piece to give length with a fringe for added style.

Long blonde Shaded with root fade to highlight the surface layer.

Bob corrugated Apply in a tousled way for more volume with length.

Other long cuts for fine hair

If you’re looking for other short haircuts with length, here are some other styles you might like:

  • Pixie long ash blond Apply in a tilted mess with a beautiful dye for added style.

  • Long with inclined layer bright, dazzling blond hair.

  • Pixie diaper Apply as a stirred layer for women of all ages, and helps maintain length.

  • Dishevelled versatile cut, ideal if you wear glasses.

  • Layer with length: revisit a classic hairstyle.

Colored cuts for fine hair

Color is ideal if you want to add volume to a short hair style.

Short red cut: achieved with wispy layers for fine hair.

Bob Lavender : allows brown hair to be more visible with a lavender complexion, and bleached highlights.

Butter Blonde Gives a sophisticated effect with balayage highlights.

Pink Peek-a-boo an asymmetrically angled cut highlighted by pink highlights.

Bob caramel For a more feminine take on the classic hair style.

Short hairstyles for colored fine hair

There are also other colored short hair styles, if you want to add volume to your short haircut.

Cut lavender on the side Adds volume to the hairstyle.

Bob shaved brown ideal for fine hair with a blurred effect on the ends of the tips, with a lightening balayage.

Bob two-tone Apply in a straight, overlapping cut with a contrasting stain.

Short with dimensional coloring Gives more volume with a variety of shades.

Bob ash blond a feather-layered style to enhance texture.

Other short hairstyles for fine hair

If you’re looking for other hairstyles for fine hair, here are some models to make :

  • Bob blond version choppy piece-y offers an unrivalled style, jerky, restless and blunt.

  • Bob inverted black make with agitated layers for greater length.

  • Shaved blond: with fine, wavy hair or with waves, this adds volume to the hairstyle.

  • Edgy law offers a bit of angled layering for a gorgeous bob model.

  • Swept-back wavy Blonde balayage enhances natural waves.

  • Bob Sleek version a cut with a wave to define the cut’s shape.

Short hairstyles for fine hair

If you want a simple haircut that’s easy to do and maintain, here are some styles you can make :

  • Bob dishevelled blond one of the trendiest and most versatile models.

  • Bob with long wick gives an intriguing effect to this classic cut.

  • Cup tapered tomboy A tapered finish adds volume to this easy-to-make hairstyle.

  • Bob with layers for fine hair Perfect for round lines.

  • Section short Pixie Bob A mix of Pixie and Bob styles on mid-length hair.

  • Section short with long diaper easy-care cut.

Short hair is very much in vogue right now if you’ve got fine hair, and there are plenty of cut ideas if you want to take the plunge.

Bonus, there are different tomboy hairstyles that are also suitable for these hair types.