59 Hairstyle Ideas for Men With Curly Hair

Curly hair is all the rage right now in men’s haircut styles, whether natural or worked.

There are a number of trendy haircuts for this type of hair, whatever the length.

If you’re looking for a new cut, there are the best styles to inspire you.

Graduated curly cut styles

The gradient style allows you to achieve a result that makes a hairstyle with curly hair stand out.

Afro and contours favors a simple afro style that incorporates a high white gradient to embellish the cut, and impeccable contours for a neat effect.

Afro gradient on hair curly with contours: offers a highly aesthetic, original cut with a medium-white gradient and sharp contours to finalize the hairstyle.

Afro man: gives a typical Afro cut result that is highlighted by a medium white gradient to achieve a more stylish and trendy effect to the hairstyle.

Cup afro homme dégradé: gives a model result that highlights the afro style on curly hair with a medium-white gradient to complete the cut.

Afro and contours favors a clean, neat afro style that emphasizes a high gradation, with well-trimmed contours for a fashionable, elegant look.

White gradient cutting patterns

White gradient styles can be used to highlight a cut with curly hair for a more stylish hairstyle effect.

White gradient on hair curly A high-to-white gradient that highlights curly hair at the top of the cut for a chic, trendy effect.

Graduated cut to white hair kinky gives a cut that matches very well with frizzy hair, applying a white gradient to embellish the hairstyle.

Hair natural For natural curly hair, with a discreet low gradation that blends in perfectly with the hairstyle.

Cut afro gradient: offers another style register on curly hair that takes full advantage of a high white gradient to highlight the upper part of the hairstyle.

Hair white gradient short Short haircut: gives a cut result with short hair that highlights a white gradient to embellish the hairstyle with a more fashionable effect.

Original gradient patterns

If you’re looking for an original gradient cut to highlight your hair, there are some interesting patterns you can apply.

Men’s layered haircut afro and fading : incorporates a bleached complexion into the afro hairstyle for a fashionable, original effect, with a medium gradient to accentuate the tinted style.

White gradient cut and fading Hairstyle: a hairstyle that highlights the curly style with bleached highlights, with a white gradient to accentuate the tinted effect.

Afro gradient original A classic afro haircut, but a low gradient with design makes all the difference for a very original look.

Afro with drawing offers a model that features a medium gradient with a curved stripe, and designs that give a more original and aesthetic rendering.

Afro gradient with drawing Favors another atypical haircut model that highlights a stylish design thanks to the stripes, with a white gradient to finish off the hairstyle.

Mid-length cut models with braids

If you want a mid-length haircut on curly hair, braided styles are very trendy for men.

Men’s afro hairstyle with glued braids A new look: glued braids at the top of the haircut, and a high white gradient to embellish the style.

Short braids attached with contours and shading: can be done with just a few lengths by applying attached braids.

Medium-white shading and clean contours are essential for this type of cut.

Afro hairstyle with a half-bun gives a messy result on curly hair, highlighting natural hair for a casual effect that’s always appreciated.

Braids man hair short : favors a cut result with glued braids for a simple, low-maintenance fashion effect.

Men’s afro cut with braids tied A hairstyle that creates tied braids on the lengths for a chic, casual look.

Braid patterns for long hair

If you have long hair or plan to have long hair, braid application remains a top choice for curly hair.

Men’s afro braids tied in ponytail ideal for long hair with an impressive, original result that’s not for everyone.

African braids textured For a cut with an original textured braid style for a chic, trendy hairstyle.

African braids in bun combines two styles by creating a braided bun with the strands above the cut, with a high white gradient for a better effect.

Men’s braids gradient ideal for darker skin tones, highlights curly hair with creative braids and a gradient for a worked effect.

African braids with gradient : favors a cut with typical African braids, which emphasizes a medium gradient with design to achieve an original hairstyle.

Long cutting models with locks

The application of dread or braid is very trendy on long curly hair to get a stylish men’s cut.

Cornrows with contours:offers a stylish braided cut from the top of the head to mid-height, with medium shading and clean contours to finalize the cut.

Cornrows with gradient and asymmetrical contours: favors a creative cornrows style with a high gradient and well-trimmed contours for an original, trendy effect.

long dreadlocks with contours: ideal for long hair, with a dreadlocks style of long locks, and well-executed contours for a neat look.

Long dreadlocks tied another long-cut model that favors an attached effect to highlight the cut’s contours gives a worked touch.

Long dreadlocks faded who opts for a cut with bleached highlights to bring out the dreadlock style.

Other long cutting models with locks

If you’ve got curly or straight hair, afro styles can enhance your hair for a trendy look.

Men’s afro cut textured Textured cut: favors a typical Afro cut that becomes more polished thanks to the texture added to the top of the cut.

Afro cut man hair natural An easy-to-create cut that brings out the natural curl in your hair for a captivating, attractive look.

Afro cut short applies a classic afro style to short hair that becomes more dynamic with a successful low gradation.

Afro cut and contours gives a simple, versatile cutting result, with the addition of perfectly executed contours for a more polished look.

Here are some other long hair hairstyles for men with braids that you can apply to your curly hair:

  • Twist with contours and gradient: favors another highly creative lock register, with the addition of a low-white gradient and perfect contours to complete the cut.
  • Cornrows with jewels: offers cornrows glued above the cut that incorporate jewels on the strands for a stylish bohemian look.
  • Braids twist with contours and beards: who opts for a mix of styles with twisted locks, well-trimmed contours, and a drawn beard to finish the cut.
  • Cut twist for men: offers a classic twist pattern with a medium-white gradient and clean contours for a stylish, well-groomed cut.

Afro cut models

Cup afro classic: favors a versatile cut that’s easy to achieve and maintain, but still effective thanks to its sobriety.

Flat top cutting patterns

The Flat top style is very much in demand for curly hair at the moment, as a way of highlighting it.

Cut afro flat top: offers a vintage style of straight cut on the top of the head with the addition of a high gradient to energize the hairstyle.

Flat top afro and contours: another flat-top cut that emphasizes perfectly executed contours for a clean, polished hairstyle.

Flat top and beard trimmed: gives a more original flap top model result with a gradient to medium white to disconnect a clean beard that completes the cut.

Flat top gradient with motifs another register of original flap tops on curly hair that incorporates a medium gradation, with patterned stripes to achieve a more atypical look.

Other Flat top cut models

Here are some other Flat Top styles you can apply to your curly hair for a more fashionable effect:

  • Gradient afro flat top: favors a straight flap top model that applies a medium-white gradient to achieve a simplistic, yet highly effective cut.

  • Flat top afro and light gradient: gives a fairly simple flap top result with a discreet gradient that allows the cut to be more sober and versatile.

  • Flat top hair short and contours: a Flat top cut that’s perfect for short hair, with well-executed contours to finalize the style.

  • Flat top high and gradient with line Flat top style with a high white gradient that goes very well with the cut, and highlights the facial features.

Trendy cut models are available even for hard-to-tame curly hair.

You can apply an original cut that highlights them, or opt for a versatile, protective cut.

As a bonus, you can take inspiration from a short gradient with contours to obtain a new cut.