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Crownway Hair Affiliate Program

       If you are a fan of Crownway Hair and a fashion and beauty creator who loves to share all kinds of hair beauty, you will be our perfect partner! You can participate in our Affiliate program to promote our hair products through all social channels and online mediums, customers get click to buy, you can get 10%~20% commission.

      The more you share, the more you earn, Join our Affiliate program now!

CrownwayHair Affiliate


Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Program

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Easy And Free Join!Contact Us for Unique Affiliate Account
Log In Your Affiliate Account, Gets Tracking Links Of Products, And Posts Them On Your Social Channels To Promotes
Potential Customers Click The Link On The Posts And Place The Orders At
You will Earn Commission.


1.Can all products be promoted?
     Yes, in addition to free gifts and samples, all products with an amount greater than 0.1 US dollars can be used as promotional goods.
2.How long will it take to receive the commission?
     We will deposit the commission into the corresponding paypal account of the email you provided during registration within 7 working days after the customer confirms receipt of the goods. Please check it. Refund and return orders will not be used to calculate commission.
3.Affiliate marketing rules
     Please refer to the links below for details.
4.Existing account login

For More Information About Our Affiliate Program, Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us At:

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