Can You Play Sports with Wig?

You’re wondering if it’s possible to play sports with a wig? sport with a wig ? Worried about your beautiful hair slipping out of place or, in the worst case scenario, falling out? Or are you simply afraid of damaging it?

If so, we’re the wig experts who know exactly how to help!

Yes, it is possible to sport a wig. However, it’s important to use the right type of wig. It’s also important to ensure that the wig is securely attached and cleaned after training.

In this article you will discover:

After reading this article, you’ll know how to train with your wig without worrying about damaging it.

Let’s find out now!

Exercising with a Wig

Sport with a wig

Wigs have become the norm among women. Millions wear them for a variety of reasons. From enhancing beauty to concealing thinning hair.

Many women, especially those new to the world of wigs, wonder if it’s possible to work out with a wig. The answer is a “YES“resounding.

Women can do almost anything with a wig, including working out and swimming. However, all exercise enthusiasts want a wig that stays put while they work out and count reps.

These tips will help you train effectively with a wig:

1. Consider the nature of your exercise

The type of workout determines the best type of wig to wear during it.

If your workout involves wearing a helmetfor example, remember to wear a wig sufficiently ventilated to promote air circulation and prevent overheating.

Some wigs feature lining strips, which are ideal for water sports such as swimming. It’s also possible to opt for a synthetic wig for swimming instead of a more expensive human-hair hairstyle.

Afro wig

Wear an older wig to the gym

During your workout, you sweat and you’ll soil your wig with hair oils, dust and other substances. What’s the point of wearing your favorite wig to the gym when you can use an older one?

It’s a good idea to wear an older wig when working out. It will prevent your main wig quickly collects sweat, hair oils and dirt, and prolongs sa LIFETIME.

Wear a shorter wig when training

Unlike long hairstyles short hairstyles are easy à maintain. They won’t get in the way of your physical activities. You can easily tuck the strands of hair behind your ears, so they don’t get in the way. don’t touch your face.

Wigs with shorter hair have also less chance of tangling due to excessive perspiration. So you’ll feel more comfortable training with short wigs than with long hair.

Maybe it’s time to get a new wig for your workout?

2. How to fix your wig during training

There are many ways to secure your wig to your head and prevent it from slipping off during your workouts. The most appropriate method depends on the nature of your hair and the vigour of your workouts.

Adjusting your wig

Most wigs, whether made of human hair or synthetic hair, are fitted with elastic tongues on the side panels. They are there to adjust the wig. You can use these tabs to fix your wig to your head when exercising.

The wig will loosen up after a while, so you may need to adjust the tension from time to time. However, you’ll need more options for securing your wig for a better training experience.

Eight Tips to Secure Your Wig While Training

Sports Training

Here are some tips for securing your wig while you exercise:

a) Take a wig band and/or headband

Workouts involve a lot of movement. From jumping to squatting, stretching and even bending. Your wig has to stay with you all the way.

Wig ribbons and headbands will certainly save you the embarrassment of your wig flying off in a public place like the gym. Sometimes wig ribbons lose their grip. But don’t worry, a headband will always cover you during the session.

b) Put on a wig cap

Wearing a wig cap may not be everyone’s thing, but trust us: you’ll need it.

Wig caps prevent your wig from slipping. Plus they’re super comfortable. Wearing one won’t hurt. Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable while exercising?

c) Use a sheet of silicone solution

Sewing is one of the safest methods of binding. With these sheets sewn into your wig, stretching or falling out aren’t on your list of worries.

Sew one into your hairpiece, and enjoy a perfect fit. Since there’s no question of stretching, you can use them for as long as you like. They’re flexible and you can adapt them to your size.

d) Apply baby powder

Baby powder

Although it sounds ridiculous, you need to hear more before you disagree. Wait until it takes the stress out of removing your wig to burn calories and stay in shape.

Most hair products are oily, which can make wigs too greasy. What follows is the glide of your wig…

Shake a little powder at root to absorb oil. Problem solved, no more slipping!

e) Use of wig tongs

It’s not that uncommon to come across a clip in a woman’s hairdressing tools. Except that it’s attached to your wig.

Wig clips give you more firmness when you use them to fix your hair. The same applies to wigs.

Many of them are metal. If your wig doesn’t have one, you can sew it on right away for use when you need it.

f) What about using an adhesive?

When you hear about adhesives, the thought of glue comes to mind without prompting.

Yes, it’s sticky, but it’s good enough for your wig when you need to exercise. Glue is applicable, as is hair gel. It can be useful for mounting a wig even if there’s no hair underneath!

Try it with lace front wigs and you’ll love it.


g) A wig fastening band

Just like a wig cap, a band can be useful.

Luckily for you, you can still feel them tight on your head thanks to their elasticity. This feeling is a constant reminder that your wig is in a secure position on your head.

You can easily detect any movement and, in case it wants to come off while you’re exercising, you’ll have it back in place in a matter of moments.

How to care for and clean your wig after exercise

The lining of your wig absorbs sweat and oils from your hair as you work out. So you need to clean your wig more frequently to keep it fresh and prolong its life.

You can use a skin toner or spray a dry shampoo to space out the washing of your training wig.

However, a regular washing is the best way to protect your human hair wigs against tangling and excessive perspiration.

Take the stink out of your wig

Baking soda

After an intense workout, an unpleasant smell may remain in your wig.

Cleanliness alone won’t dispel this odor. You must soak your human hair wigs for about 15 minutes after workouts in a bucket containing a teaspoon of baking soda and 2 to 3 drops of purifying liquid.

After soaking, wash the wig to release any stubborn odors from sweat, smoke or perfume. Then dry it on a wig stand to prevent new tangles.

Professional tips for training with your main wig

Here are additional tips from professional athletes if you’re exercising with your main wig:

  • Use disposable wig guards Disposable wig protectors are made of a high-quality wicking material that absorbs hair oils, dirt and sweat stains. It keeps wigs and natural hair dry. It protects your wig from excessive wear and preserves its glamour.
  • Wear a stretch headband : The elastic headband pulls the wig’s layers away from your forehead and nape, leaving you free to train. A sports headband adapted so you can train in the best possible conditions
  • Use a deodorizing spray to neutralize odors After training, we recommend removing your wig, turning it inside out and spraying the inside with a solution of purifying oil and distilled water. Leave the hair to dry so that any unpleasant odours can evaporate before putting it back on.
  • Braid your wig before training : By braiding your wig into a French fishtail or ponytail, you ensure that it stays away from your face when you work out. It also means you don’t have to wash your wig after every workout.


Choose the right Wig for Sport!

So you see, working out with a wig is no problem. However, you need the right type of wig to exercise effectively.

Thanks to this article, you’re now able to determine the best way to fix, clean and maintain your wig around sport. This will enable you to keep it looking impeccable over the long term.

To preserve your main wig from your sporting exertions, we suggest our synthetic wigs. They’re practical for sports and easy to care for.