Cutting Trends for Hair Prostheses

After the summer it’s time to change your look and it’s okay to wear a hair prosthesis or a hair integration system, you also have the right to be fashionable. For that, from Crownwayhair Systems we want to help you and we tell you what are the trends in haircuts for hair prosthesis.

Do not think that for prostheses there are no modern looks or that you should always wear the same hairstyle. In this case we are going to focus on hair prostheses for men and what are the trends in haircuts and hairstyles, sure that you like some and you dare to change.

Men’s haircuts for hair prosthesis.

haircuts for hair prosthesis

The first of these is known as the soft parting, which experts also call the soft side. This haircut is recommended for short or medium hair prosthesis and also for curly hair. This hairstyle does not have a very defined parting line, it deviates to one side to give it a softer look.

This type of cut has an easy maintenance, it is not necessary to blow dry, with a towel is enough. It is important to use a good hair product to help you keep the prosthesis perfect and cared for. In the Crownwayhair Systems online store you have the best products for the care of your prosthesis.

Another hairstyle for hair prostheses is called bleach strokes or length bleaching. This is a style that has developed over the years and has become fashionable and has become a trend that more and more men are choosing. No matter what type of hair you have, a bleached haircut always looks good, as it gives a fresher look.

If you want your hair prosthesis to wear a modern style with colorful hair, then this is the hairstyle you need. If it helps, many styling media put it as one of the best haircuts for men and it fits great with our hair prosthesis.

Finally, we bring you the neat and tidy straight hairstyle, which never goes out of style and is a modern classic. The best thing is that it is valid for any length of hair, whether short or long. Moreover, it can be combined with an untied side or also a fade on the side.

Hair prosthesis for stylish men

As you can see, there are hairstyles to choose from and wear your hair prosthesis in fashion, with haircuts that are trendy. At Crownwayhair Systems we offer you the best products so that hair loss or baldness is not a problem for you and you continue to look amazing. Visit one of our specialized centers and let our professionals advise you.

The trendy haircuts for men in 2019.

Those with a slightly squarer or more rounded face could opt for a slightly longer haircut which is very fashionable in 2019 and can also be used to cover some flaws in the size of the face. The alternative could be a short cut or fade with a tuft or a crest. For those who have an oval face and quite thin, the options are endless. Never going to go out of fashion completely is hair with a so-called “brush effect”, which is actually good for those who have an oval face and should regularly have no problems with any cut. Those who have hair loss problems can always opt for the shaved evergreen, which in addition to a necessity, is also becoming particularly interesting in hair fashion trends 2019.

Trends in fashion haircuts for women 2019.

When it comes to hair looks for women, this year the scaled short cut with a soft side is in fashion, aiming to give women a casual or elegant look, depending on the needs. Those who have a slightly more rounded face can always count on a long but scaled cut or one that can reach down to the shoulders and can be adapted to any type of style and look. Also in this case, depending on the style of the woman in front of you, you can choose the ideal cut, keeping in mind that in 2019 the helmet and the haircut in different lengths have become a real cult.