Differences Between Natural and Synthetic Hair

Natural and synthetic hair have become a viable option to offer hair solutions for alopecia and oncology patients, regardless of whether they are male or female. A number of products are available in the market to provide solutions such as: wigs, volume enhancers and extensions. These are manufactured with natural and synthetic hair. Their finishes are so amazing that it is difficult to know which one is which. That is why today we come to share the most visible differences to identify if it is artificial or synthetic hair.

1. Characteristics of natural hair

The natural hair used in the manufacture of hair solutions is of human origin. Its appearance is natural, almost imperceptible when appreciated as a manufactured product.

  • It offers greater durability and better versatility in the presentation of hairstyles and consequently in the well-known changes of look.
  • As a main advantage, this type of product can be blow-dried, blow-dried or dried naturally, dyed, bleached, curled, highlighted, permed, among other options.

2. Characteristics of synthetic hair

Synthetic hair can be recognized by its finish, it tends to be perfect which makes one suspect immediately that it is artificial. Its shine, its sling, even its thickness attracts the attention of those who can appreciate it.

  • It is a product that adorns the presence by its perfection, but tends to last less time.
  • It does not accept drying, ironing because they can alter its shape.
  • Only some products made with specific fibers are designed to resist color change.

How to identify a natural hair from a synthetic hair?

To identify the origin of the hair, whether it is natural or artificial, in wigs you can do the following:

Take a hair sample, especially from the nape of the neck area. Then, cut a piece and take it with a metal clip to take it to the fire. The result will show that it is natural when the hair turns to ash or powder. If it is synthetic the hair will shrink noticeably making coils.

Another way to recognize it is through its characteristic smell when burned fully identifying the plastic smell over the natural smell of the hair. Both are unpleasant, but easy to identify by smell.

Which type of hair to choose, natural or synthetic?

The type of hair from which the various hair solutions are made is indispensable when it comes to wanting to go unnoticed.

In men, for example, wigs with natural hair enjoy greater preference for the goodness of their discretion. Their naturalness makes all the detail that the vast majority of detail-oriented people can notice go unnoticed. Consequently, men are the main market for short natural hair wigs.

Women, on the other hand, aren’t mincing words when it comes to looking beautiful. Their change of look is something they carry in their genetic code. That is why it is more frequent to observe in them the alternative use of hair solutions no matter if they are natural or synthetic, it will depend on the occasion.

In fact, at Crownwayhair, we recommend for women the use of synthetic wigs for short to medium length hair. While natural hair can be left to show off long hair to enhance the figure and play with different hairstyles.