Everything You Need To Know About Hair Weaving Grades

If you want to buy natural weave, extensions, or any type of hair accessory, you have certainly noticed that most shops specify the grade of the hair extensions. So, what is the Grade? The grade is an indicator of the quality of natural extensions. We explain everything in detail.

Classification by Grade: 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A. What’s the difference?

Natural hair, a term used to indicate human hair that has not been mixed with synthetic fibers, presents different qualities depending on the condition of the hair cuticle. Technically, the higher the grade of the extensions, the better the quality of the hair. For example, Grade 9A is better than Grade 8A.

In the market for extensions, there are different qualities of natural hair for all prices.


Unfortunately, to date, there is no certification that the seller must provide to demonstrate the grade of hair. That is why some sellers write the grade as they please. It is often difficult to tell the true from the false because Grade 8A and 9A hair often look the same at first glance. You will only see the difference after a few washes.

How many grades exist for hair?

Grades range from 5A to 10A for any type of natural weave, regardless of the origin of the hair (Brazilian,Peruvian, Malaysian hair, etc.).

Unfortunately, some sellers make up grades that do not exist, such as (10AAA, 10A+, or even 12A). Be careful!

Explanation of grades:

5A: The extensions are made of human hair, but they are not Remy Hair (Remy Hair: when the cuticles are all in the same direction. For more information, see our blog here). These are the cheapest natural extensions. The hair tangles very quickly, and their duration of use is very short. No coloring or bleaching is possible.

6A: The extensions are made of human hair, but they are not Remy. The hair is thicker than Grade 5A and of better quality, but they are still hair from multiple sources that have been mixed and chemically treated. No coloring or bleaching is possible.

7A: 7A extensions are Remy Hair. The hair is soft to the touch. The intact cuticle is not damaged, so they tangle less, and the duration of use is about 4-6 months. Avoid bleaching the hair as it will become very dry and impossible to untangle.

8A: Remy Hair of Grade 8A is very soft and of good quality. Hair can be bleached and colored within the limit of golden blonde color No. 30. Its bundle is thick above and thins at the tips. It is the most sold grade in the market, for itsattractive price and silky appearance.

9A: Premium Quality Extension! Soft, silky, and healthy hair! Also called virgin hair, these are obviously Remy hair that do not tangle and guarantee you a very long duration of use. The extensions can be worn and repositioned multiple times. The hair can be straightened and curled. The hair can be bleached within the limit of blonde color number 27. We define this grade as the best quality hair. It is a very soft, silky, and comfortable weave to wear. You can modify it without altering its quality.

Attention! It is very difficult to distinguish between Grade 8A and 9A by touch alone. Unlike Grade 9A, Grade 8A has undergone a silicone bath that gives hair a shiny appearance but disappears after a few washes.

10A: Top-of-the-line extensions! The best quality in the market and also the rarest! Virgin human hair of incredible quality from the same donor and that has not undergone any chemical treatment or coloring. You will not find any short hair in your strands.

These extensions have an extremely expensive price because they are extremely rare to find. Be careful, if you see strands at 50€ in Grade 10A, it is definitely a big scam! A package of 100g will cost you at least 100 euros.

In conclusion, which weave to choose?

From the above, we can see that there is truly a wide variety of natural extensions.

Our goal is to make each consumer autonomous in the choice of their extensions by being able to recognize and select the quality.

Crownwayhair has decided to provide high-quality natural weaves, Grade 9A hair extensions that will not fall out with each brushing, and that you can color, bleach, brush, and straighten as you wish.

As explained, the grade and origin of the hair are not necessarily the only indicators of good quality. Trust specialized hair extension shops that can advise you according to your needs.

For more questions, we are at your disposal.

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