Hair Weaving with Rings

What is ring weaving?

Traditional weaving is no longer a secret to anyone. Typically, we think of braiding our natural hair to then sew weave extensions onto it. This method is known as African weaving, and it is mostly used by women who have difficulty growing their hair. But did you know that weaving can also be done with rings on long hair in a faster and more practical way than traditional weaving?

Classic Weaving vs. Ring Weaving

Traditional weaving involves braiding natural hair to sew extension weaves onto it.

What is ring weaving?

Ring weaving, also known as micro rings, is a system that allows weave strips to be installed without having to braid your hair first. Micro ring weaving is suitable for all hair types, including thick, curly, fine, mixed, relaxed, North African, and Afro hair.

Classic Weaving vs. Ring Weaving

With ring weaving, the installation is only done on the back of the head, making it faster and more cost-effective since only 150g of hair is needed, which is one or a maximum of two natural strands to achieve a very long result.

But the main advantage of ring weaving is that your scalp continues to breathe, and you can continue to wash your hair normally!

The Method of Ring Weaving

The method of ring weaving, or beaded weaving, requires rings or beads similar to those used for cold extensions. Weave strips are attached to your natural hair strands using an invisible ring. The rings must be spaced 1.5cm to 2cmapart.

To perform micro ring weaving, it takes a installation time of 1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes for the entire head. Due to hair growth, this type of weaving will last approximately two months, after which a new installation will be required.

Thanks to the installation of ring weaving, you will achieve a very natural result without the feeling of glued braids. It is possible to perform ring weaving on the entire head or to add only a few strands/bands. With this type of weaving, you are not required to change your habits. Blow-drying, shampooing, and coloring can be done as usual.

You might be wondering why this method has not replaced African weaving with braids?

Unfortunately, this method is not yet well-known in France, and it is difficult to find hairdressers who know how to perform it.

In conclusion, traditional weaving is undoubtedly very practical for completely changing your look without touching your natural hair since it is hidden under the weave. But if you already have long hair and want to add volume and length with natural strands that blend into your hair, do not hesitate to try this type of weaving. You will love the result!

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