How Much Does Brazilian Hair Weave Cost?

Among the various models of natural hair extensions, the Brazilian weave is a very popular hairstyle technique. It can be done on any type of hair (Afro, European, etc.). The Brazilian weave is considered the best, but the price is also very high. Between the cost of the weave (usually 3 bundles), maintenance, and renewal, a significant budget must be planned. Here’s what you need to know about the average price of a Brazilian weave in natural hair.

The price varies according to the number of bundles

In order not to buy too many bundles for the Brazilian weave, you need to know certain points concerning the hair wefts or extensions: of course, the number of bundles varies depending on the result you want to achieve (open or closed weave). The more bundles you buy, the higher the cost of the weave will be.

The brand Crownway offers lots of 3 bundles of 100 grams at an attractive price. It will cost much less than buying 3 bundles separately. Note that if you want to do a closed weave, you will need to purchase a lace closure or a lace frontal in addition. The price starts at €40 depending on the size.

In general, each bundle of hair weighs on average 100 grams regardless of the length. Be careful because there are many sellers who offer bundles of less than 100 grams, such as 50 grams, for example. So be sure to check before purchasing. The longer the hair, the more bundles will be needed to achieve sufficient volume.

The price per 100g bundle varies between approximately 25 euros to 130 euros, and the length ranges from 10 inches to 34 inches. Therefore, the price will vary greatly depending on the length of the weave.

14 Inches Brazilian Straight Hair Plus Closure

The price varies according to the quality of the hair

As there are several types and grades of weaves, it is not always easy to distinguish between natural hair extensions of good or bad quality. REMY hair is always more expensive than NON-REMY hair extensions. On average, there is a price difference of about €10 per bundle depending on the grade. Maison des mèches only offers high-quality Brazilian weaves made from REMY hair. On Amazon, weaves can be found starting at €16, but the quality may not be the same.

Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles 30 32 40 Inch Loose Body Wave 3 4 Bundles Human Hair Bundles Raw Hair Extensions

The price varies according to the texture

A curly or wavy weave is slightly more expensive than a straight weave. In general, there is a price difference of between 2 to 10 euros depending on the hair texture (the type of curls).

For example, on the Crownwayhair website, a bundle of 16-inch Brazilian kinky straight weave is sold for around 50 euros.

On the same site, a bundle of 16-inch straight weave is around 45 euros.

Is price a guarantee of quality?

Unfortunately, the price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. It is really important to knowwhat type of product you are dealing with before purchasing. It is always best to buy while checking customer reviews. And most importantly, find a good seller who truly guarantees a good quality/price ratio.

Where to find the best price for Brazilian weave?

If you buy from a factory website, such as Crownway, all fees are included in the price displayed at the time of purchase.

Buy your Brazilian weaves safely on a factory website. You will benefit from free delivery directly to your home, an attractive and transparent price, and a Customer Service at your disposal.

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