How to Curls For Synthetic Wig?

Although synthetic oncology wigs can’t withstand heat, you can give your synthetic wig body and curls by using the right tools, some patience and some practice. We have developed a step-by-step guide to creating beautiful curls for your synthetic wig.

how to curl an oncology wig

First, you’ll want to gather the following tools:

  • Wig stand
  • Wig comb
  • A spray bottle filled with clean, cold water.
  • Wig spray
  • Hair clips with “tortoiseshell closures” (and bobby pins depending on the type of foam rollers used).
  • Foam hair rollers (not heated type).

Step 1: Prepare and detangle

To start, you’ll want your wig to be freshly washed and completely dry. Some wig stylists recommend using a wig foam after washing to create volume and help shape the hair as it dries. Place your dry wig on a wig stand to help hold it in place and allow you to see the entire wig as you work so you can easily manipulate the strands. Next, brush the wig thoroughly with a wig comb or brush. Be careful to gently remove any tangles while avoiding stretching the fibers. Use short strokes starting at the ends of the hair and working upwards. Avoid brushing too close to the wig cap itself.

Step 2: Part the hair, hold and spray.

Separate the hair into four large sections and clip them together. You’ll want one section at the top center, one at the back center, and then a section from the left and right sides of the wig. Starting with the top center section of hair, release the hair from the clip. You will be working with separate sections of about 2 inches of hair at a time. Separate the first section from the rest of the top center hair. Lightly mist the section with cold water from root to tip. Be careful not to saturate the hair, just wet it.

Step 3: Roll up and repeat.

Place the roller on the end of the strand and wind the hair around it by rolling it with the roller towards the base of the wig. Hold the roller in place once the strand is fully wound. Be careful not to let the clip or pin pierce the wig cap. Repeat until the entire wig is rolled into curls. Work your way from the top center section of the wig to the sides, and finally the back center of the wig. This way, as the top strands are curled, they will move out of the way so that the strands underneath are curled.

Step 4: Air dry and unwind.

When the entire wig is rolled, you will want to let it air dry until the hair is no longer damp. Work from the bottom of the wig to unwind the curls in reverse order of placement. Loosen the clips or pins that hold the curl in place and slowly pull them out. Be careful not to stretch the curl during this step. During this step, you can lightly mist the strands with wig spray as you unwind them to help set the shape.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Once the entire wig is unwound, you can work lightly with your fingertips to manipulate the curls and place them where you want them. Just be careful not to tug on the curls too much or they’ll get straight again. You can lightly mist the entire wig with wig spray at this point if you wish.

About foam rollers

Foam rollers come in various shapes and sizes. The type of foam rollers you choose will depend on how you would like your curls to look. Larger rollers will give a loose, wavy wave and smaller rollers will give a tighter, curlier look. You can also mix and match rollers of different sizes to create a fun, flowing curl style.

The direction you roll your hair will also have an impact on the type of look you achieve. You can experiment with different directions to see what look it gives you. For example, rolling the hair inward with the vertical roller will give you loopy curls. Rollers in a horizontal position will give you fuller, softer curls.

Some foam rollers have clips already attached that lock into place and hold the curl shape while your hair dries. Other foam rollers will require a bobby pin to hold the hair in place around the roller.

Buy curly wigs

Of course, if you want your wig to stay perfectly curly effortlessly, treat yourself to a new curly wig or a new wavy wig by following our tips, buying a new wig is always a fun and foolproof option!

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