How To Make A Wig Yourself?

The wig is a quick and easy way to change your look. Wigs are proven to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. In particular by giving you what you need: the beauty of the face, more texture, more volume, more length, or all three…

If you are a beginner, certainly, you are wondering “How to make a wig “? In this article we will tell you in a simple way how to make them a wig.

Wig manufacturing

Wig Design

The wigs are made either by hand or by machine. Machines are the most efficient and fastest method of making. Handmade wigs, on the other hand, take longer, but produce a more natural look with less tangles.

Hair Preparation

The first thing to do is to make sure the hair is in the same direction. And the wigmaker must carefully check that there are no nits (lice eggs). Then each hair bundle is delicately and carefully, hand washed in a bowl of warm soapy water containing a disinfectant.
remy hair

Manufacture of the base

The edge of the wig base is cut in a fine-meshed silk net matched to hair color. The paper pattern is carefully positioned on an appropriately sized pad. The mesh base components are assembled on the block and sewn together.


The hair is attached to the net base by a procedure called knotting. Of the ventilation needles of different sizes can be used, depending on the number of hairs that need to be tied together in a single knot.


When the wig is fully fanned out (i.e. all hair is attached), it is removed from the wooden block and upside down on a flexible block made of canvas padded with sawdust. A final row of knots is made around the edge. The inner surface of the wig is pressed with a heated iron to fix the knots.


The finished wig is pinned to a flexible block for styling. The hair is slightly moistened by combing it with a damp brush. The loops are formed as pin loops or on rolls or cotton shapes. The wig is covered with a net and dried in a hot oven. The curls are then undone, the hair is combed and styled. A netting is carefully placed over the finished hairstyle, and the wig is put back in the oven to fix the hairstyle.

What if you want to make a wig yourself?

We are now going to share with you a complete guide for a wig making tutorial. I’ll show you a simple step-by-step method for making your own wig.

What do you need to prepare to make a wig?

  1. A wig head (mannequin head)
  2. Human hair (sew-in extensions)
  3. Wig stand or adhesive tape.
  4. Needle and thread, hair glue and hair dryer or hot glue gun and sticks.
  5. Adjustable dome wig cap.
  6. Wig combs.
  7. Wig band.
  8. Scissors.

How to make a wig step by step?

synthetic wig

  • Step 1: Choose lace cap and hair

THE lace up beanie should match the color and general appearance of your scalp. About the hair texture or densityit’s up to you, but it’s always good to get high quality hair, so you can keep your wig for years.

  • Step 2: Prepare the hair

“Prepare your hair extensions by measuring and cutting them to match the circumference of the wig cap,” the experts suggest.

  • Step 3: Start sewing

You can first sew your browband or your closure by hand, then attach it to the machine.

As for the rails, we recommend sewing them into the wig cap by U-shape, starting from the back. You can do this by hand or using a sewing machine.

If you want the hair to look thicker, stylists recommend sewing the wefts (or tracks) together twice. Once you’re done, style your wig as desired.

Here the wig is finished. As you can see, the making a wig is quite a process! What we have said in these few paragraphs is the summary of hours of hard work.

wig making

A good knowledge of wig making will allow you to make a wise and informed choice when purchasing a wig. If you want a natural result, imperceptible to the untrained eye and touch; if you want a wig that lasts longer and stays beautiful, soft and shiny; we advise you to choose a wig manufacturer that uses the highest quality hair: hair Remy Hair with an intact cuticle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are wigs made of?

As you probably know, a wig can be made using either natural hair or some synthetic fibers. Obviously, wigs created with real hair look more natural. Real hair has texture and luminosity, unique color (never seamless, but a rich tapestry of shades), unique movement, it’s softer than manufactured fibers and can be styled any way you want.

human hair remy hair

Where do hair materials come from?

In general, the four main sources of hair are Asia (China and Mongolia), India, Eastern Europe (Russia and Ukraine) and South America. Five to ten years ago, high-end human hair wigs and hairpieces were made exclusively from Eastern European hair, while more affordable options were made primarily from Indian hair.

Why are hand-woven wigs more expensive than machine-made?

Hand tied lace wigs, like lace front wigs, can be more expensive than wigs without a lace front or closure, but that’s because they are high quality and look the most natural. For an undetectable look and great styling versatility, these wigs are definitely worth their price!