How To Put On Cosplay Wig?

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Why wear a Cosplay Wig

actors with a cosplay wig

Cosplay wigs are worn for bring the character to life you want.

Most cosplay wigs are high-quality works of art intended to be worn with the same costume for years.

To wear a cosplay wig correctly, just remember to put on a wig cap, put the wig on properly and then secure it well with pins or other accessories.

If you’d like to know what cosplay isFor more information, please read this article.

Putting on the wig cap

  1. Make sure the wig is right size for your head. You may already have determined whether the wig is the right size for your head, and if so, you can move on to the next step.
    If not, quickly measure your head with a tape measure. If your head measures between 51 and 55 cm, you should be able to wear most cosplay wigs. If your head is larger, it’s a good idea to try the wig on to make sure it fits comfortably.
  2. Choose a wig cap. There are generally two types of wig cap.
    The first is made of a material similar to a fishing net.
    The other type is similar to pantyhose.
    The wig cap in fishnet is often tighter and hair can come out of the holes. The pantyhose wig cap is generally preferred because it’s less tight and covers all the hair.
    Woman with wig cap
  3. Arrange your hair for the wig cap. If they are long, torsadez your hair into ponytail at the nape of your neck. Next, turn this ponytail over so that it’s against your head and the tail is pointing towards or across your forehead.
    If your hair is shortfix them with hairpins to fit the wig cap.
    This is also an option for putting your hair in pin curls if it’s long. If your hair is very thick or curlyyou will find it easier to pull them back if you use wet a little.Don’t hesitate to read our article explaining how to wear a wig with long hair.
  4. Shoot on the cap wig cap. The wig cap doesn’t usually have a specific front or back. If you have a lot of hair in a ponytail, start pulling on the cap from the back of your head.
    Put as much hair as possible at the back of your neck, making sure it’s still contained by the wig cap. If you have short hair or are bald, simply pull on the wig cap. Check that all or most of your hair has been hidden by the cap.
  5. Fix the wig cap with snap clips. You’ll need about ten snap clips in all. Use 6 clips evenly distributed around the front of your head. Attach 4 clips to the back of your head. You can use more or fewer clips if necessary. Make sure the top of the clip is over the cap and the bottom of the wig is under the hair and cap.

Setting up the Cosplay Wig

woman with blonde cosplay wig

  1. Go to slide the wig on your head. Hold the wig with both hands. The backs of your hands should face each other, and your fingers should be on the inside of the wig with your thumbs on the outside. Slowly start to slide the wig over the cap.
  2. Place the line from scalp of the wig against your forehead. It should be positioned just above your eyebrows.
    Tilt your head forward, slowly stretching the back and sides of the wig over your cap, sliding your fingers under the edges as you pull them down.
  3. Pull the wig down until it covers the back of your bonnet. The wig will stretch to accommodate the extra hair you put in the back of your wig cap.
    Pull the back of the wig down until the front of the wig is just below your natural hairline. If the wig you’re wearing has bangs, you can let them rest a little higher, to the right of your natural hairline.
    Make sure the ear tags are placed evenly across your temples.

Attaching the Cosplay Wig

hair pins

  1. Use hairpins to secure your wig. The hairpins are open and the hair clips are closed. That’s why bobby pins are best for securing your wig. Start piercing the hairpins through the wig, the cap and into your hair underneath.
    Push your bobby pins into the wig all along its edges, from every possible angle. Your wig will become more and more stable with each pin you use.
    You’ll probably use at least 10 bobby pins to secure your cosplay mane.
  2. Test the fit of your wig. Test it by jumping up and down, shaking your head vigorously from side to side, tossing the wig hair around and touching your toes.
    If you’ve added enough pins, the wig should stay firmly in place the whole time and not move at all. Add more pins if the wig moves or slips.
  3. Style the wig. Once the wig is securely in place, you can style it to your liking.
    You may not need to style it, but you’ll probably want to at least brush to check that it is securely in place and free of knots.Hairspray is harmful to synthetic wigsYou should only hold the wig with hairspray if it’s made of human hair.If you’d like to know more about this subject, you can read our article on whether it’s safe to use a wig. possible to lacquer a wig.

Choose your Favorite Cosplay Wig!

As you can see, if you follow the steps above, it will be very easy for you to put on your cosplay wig. What’s more, with a little practice, you’ll only need a few minutes to fix your hair in the best possible way.

Thanks to this article, you’ll be able to put on any cosplay wig. All with a perfect fit to prevent slipping.

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