How To Straighten Synthetic Wig?

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The 5 Ways to Straighten Your Synthetic Wig

woman with a relaxed synthetic wig

Synthetic wigs require special care to keep them frizz-free, flowing and natural-looking.

Over time artificial hair tend to lose their shape and the style begins to “fall out”. More often than not, the wig will also develop static electricity and flyaways, also known as frizz.

So here are our 5 methods:

1) Wash your wig

A simple way to straighten a synthetic wig is to wash it. This is a simple and effective way to add a littlehumidity to eliminate flyaways and restore suppleness.

When washing synthetic fibersuse onlycold or lukewarm water. Never use hot water on synthetic hair.

To wash a smooth synthetic wig :

  1. Wet hair strands in a downward motion (don’t rub as this will increase frizz and cause breakage), starting at the crown and working down to the ends.
  2. Apply a shampoo using the same movement.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and repeat with theconditioner.
  4. Finally, use a towel to dry the hair, brush-with a wig brushthen let them air-dry on a wig stand.

To wash a curly synthetic wig :

You can use the above method, but you must not brush the hair. Alternatively:

  1. You can also do dip your curly wig in cold water with liquid detergent (about 1/4 of the cap)
  2. Soak for twenty to thirty minutes.
  3. Then remove the wig from the water and rinse.
  4. Finally, use a towel to dry use your fingers to dry your hair comb if necessary, then let them air-dry on a wig stand.

2) Use a conditioning spray and foam

Mousse and conditioning spray for frizz

Don’t have time to wash your wig and let it air dry? Perhaps you’ve lost your hair and never leave the house without your wig?

Try the spray and conditioner foam method.

There are revitalizing sprays designed for synthetic hair that providehumidity and reduce thus frizz.

To use this method :

  1. Place the wig on a wig stand. Don’t get too close to the top of the wig when spraying, as this can cause hair to loosen at the crown.
  2. Spray revitalizing spray lightly over hair shaft to ends.
  3. Then use a wide-tooth comb or a brush to remove tangles. For curly wigs, you can use your fingers.
  4. After applying the conditioning spray, apply a small amount of foam on the hair ends for moisturizegive them a smooth appearance and tame any remaining frizz.

3) Use natural oils

If you don’t have a conditioning spray on hand but still need to know how to straighten a synthetic wig, consider using natural oils.

Oils such asjojoba oilfrom coco or evenolive can reduce frizz and add shine.

Synthetic wigs are shinier than natural hair. So be careful not to apply too much oil, as this can make the wig look greasy.

To apply, use a small amount (about 1/8 teaspoon) and rub between your hands to warm it up.

Starting at least 7-8 cm below the crown, rub hands through hair in a downward motion. Apply more as needed.

After about 20 minutes, you can use a towel to gently dab the hair to remove excess oil.

Oils for synthetic hair

Accidentally sprayed too much? A dry shampoo should do the trick.

If your wig is too shiny, find out… how to mattify a wig.

4) Softener method

Perhaps the most popular method for straightening a synthetic wig is with fabric softener.

Fabric softener is designed to prevent static electricity from clinging to clothing. But did you know that fabric softener can also tame static electricity? frizzy, untameable hair (even synthetic hair)?

Your best tool for fighting frizz on synthetic hair is probably in your laundry room.


While natural hair contains natural oils in its shafts, the synthetic fibers Synthetic wigs do not contain any. As a result, they are often very dry.

An easy way to add moisture and tame frizz on a synthetic wig is to mix equal parts liquid fabric softener and cold water in a spray bottle. Shake well.

Take the mixture and your wig to the sink or bathtub and follow one of the following instructions depending on your hair type:

  • If you need the wig quickly and only want a little pick-me-up, spray the wig lightly. Then dab the wig with a microfiber towel and smooth it with your hands. It’s as simple as that.
  • If you can wait a little longer for the wig and want to smooth it out completely, spray the wig generously with the mixture. Place it on a wig stand and let it dry overnight.

You can then comb it with a wig brush (or with your fingers if it’s curly) and style it as usual.

5) If all else fails, try a hot-air brush

Hot-air brush

Do not use this method on curly or wavy wigs.

It is often frowned upon to use heat on synthetic hair due to the chemistry of synthetic fibers. Too much heat can melt synthetic hair, rendering the wig unusable.

However, hot-air brushes have had some success when used on synthetic fibers.

To use a hot-air brush on a synthetic wig, make sure the brush is on its lowest setting.

First, test a small, inconspicuous area of the wig for damage or melting.

If the wig smokes, melts, or is broken, do not continue using this method.

If all seems well, place the wig on a stand and spray it with a thermal protector. Then slide the brush slowly along the wig.

You can then use a hair volumizer to give the hair more bounce. This method will give the hair a soft, frizz-free look.

Woman with frizz-free synthetic hair

When it comes to synthetic wigs, it’s best to know what you’re doing to avoid any hair mishaps. However, in some cases, the wig is simply at the end of its life.

If you’d like to give your wig a new lease of life, read our article on how to do so. how to repair a synthetic wig.

If it no longer retains its style, is dull, constantly tangles and wig salons are no help, then it’s probably time for a new wig.

Make a New Hair Start!

As you can see, it’s possible to straighten a synthetic wig, but you mustn’t do it any old way. If you use the wrong techniques, you risk doing it more harm than good.

Thanks to this article, you now have 5 effective, tried-and-tested methods for removing frizz.

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