Know How To Manage Frizzy Split Ends

Frizzy split ends require constant attention. They can cause hair breakage and often lead to the “straw hair” effect.

Why do they appear? How to get rid of it?

We explain everything to you! ??

Capillary forks: KESAKO?

Split ends are a deformation of the hair fiber, which is found regardless of the type of hair. They are the result of damage caused to the hair shaft due to various external aggressions: wind, sun, fatigue, stress, lack of care, rough brushing, too frequent washing, straightening…

Indeed, they can appear in different forms:

  • fairy knot : ends of your hair dividing and tangling on themselves.
  • “Y” fork : hair that looks like a stem with branches coming out of the sides.
  • Triple fork : when the hair separates into 3 parts.
  • tree fork : different pieces of the stem that separate, resembling a tree and its branches.
  • Crumpled fork: usually caused by the use of excessive heat or chemicals.
  • Right angle : hair that bends at an angle.
  • Deep fork: hair split in two.
  • Baby crotch: signs of a coming split, but the hair shaft has not separated.
  • Feather fork: different slits along one side of the hair shaft.

To find out if your hair is affected by this phenomenon, you just need to bend a strand between your fingers and observe if the stem is frayed. Split ends most often appear on dry or damaged hair (type 4).


Protect your hair from split ends

Removing its forks may require some work. It may sound demoralizing, but all you need is a few small changes:

  • Retain maximum hydration : using moisturizing masks for split ends.
  • Make oil baths: argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, In Haircare fortifying treatment oil.
  • Change shampoo: use shampoos containing moisturizing properties such as macadamia oil.
  • Cut its ends: the more regularly you cut your ends, the less split ends you will have.
  • Make protective hairstyles: minimizes friction and tugging.
  • Sleeping with silk pillowcases: helps prevent chafing at night.
  • Limit washes: this could deprive your hair of the moisture it needs.

So ladies, ready to avoid split ends? ✨