Natural Dreadlock Extensions Q&A

Here are all our answers to your questions about the natural dreadlock extensions available on the Maison des Mèches website.

  • How many extensions should I buy?

Number of dreadlock strands to use for a full head:

Size 0.6 cm: 80 to 100 strands
Size 0.8 cm: 70 to 80 strands

Natural Dreadlock Extensions Q&A
Thickness 0.6cm: size of a felt tip pen
Thickness 0.8cm: size of a marker

  • Are they real hair?

The dreadlock extensions offered by Maison des Mèches are handmade with 100% human hair. They can be treated and handled like natural dreadlocks.

  • What is their lifespan?

Our natural dreadlock extensions can last a long time with proper maintenance. Treated like your own hair and with good care, these extensions can last for more than 2 years.

The natural black 1B color dreadlock extensions can be dyed up to light brown #27. We do not recommend coloring already dyed dreadlock extensions, as this can damage the hair.

Maison des Mèches is not responsible for any damages to the quality or texture of the extensions resulting from the home coloring or bleaching process.

It is less risky to buy a lighter colored dreadlock extension and dye it darker to meet your needs, than to buy a darker color and bleach it. Maison des Mèches also offers coloreddreadlock extensions in chestnut or light blond.

  • Can I curl my dreadlock extensions?

Yes, natural dreadlock extensions can be curled.

  • Can I wash my dreadlocks?

Yes, our dreadlocks can be washed. It is best to wash them when they are actually dirty, but they do not need to be washed as often as normal hair. Once a week to a month is the best routine. The process of washing dreadlocks is essentially the same as washing hair, but there are some adjustments to be made to ensure proper cleaning while maximizing shampoo usage. Be careful! Use only a 100% natural and gentle shampoo, it is better to choose a shampoo that does not lather too much, such as solid shampoo or limited foaming agents, then dry them with a towel or use air and sun.

  • How do I hydrate my dreadlocks?

Use natural oils to keep your dreadlocks and scalp hydrated and healthy. It is not necessary to hydrate your dreadlocks every day, especially if they don’t need it. You should only do so when necessary, i.e., when they start to feel dry or brittle.

  • Do faux locs damage your own hair?

If your faux locs (dreadlock extensions) are too heavy, they can cause tension at the root of your hair, leading to serious breakage, so be sure to work with your hairdresser and decide on a size and length of extensions that will not break your natural hair.The safest option is always a shorter and more sincere style, as it places less tension on your scalp, but discuss this with your stylist first if you are concerned.

Natural Dreadlock Extensions Q&A