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We offer a great deal on 100% authentic virgin human hair with 3 bundles and a 4×4 lace closure, providing the perfect solution for standard volume needs. All our hair is untouched by damaging chemicals, making it suitable for various styling options such as perming, coloring, bleaching, and more. At Crownwayhair, you can confidently shop for high-quality hair bundles with closures at competitive prices. If you’re looking for longer extensions with higher density, we recommend exploring our 4 bundles with closure. For 3 bundles with a 13×4 lace frontal, simply click here.

How does the “3 Bundles With Closure” package provide a complete and voluminous hairstyle?

The “3 Bundles With Closure” package offers a complete and voluminous hairstyle by including three bundles of high-quality human hair extensions along with a closure piece.

What advantages does the closure piece bring to the “3 Bundles With Closure” package?

The closure piece included in the “3 Bundles With Closure” package brings several advantages. It helps create a seamless and natural-looking hairline by mimicking the appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp. Additionally, the closure allows for versatile parting styles, such as a middle part or side part, enhancing the overall styling options.

How can the “3 Bundles With Closure” package be customized to suit different hair types?

The “3 Bundles With Closure” package can be customized to match different hair types. The bundles are typically available in various textures, including straight, wavy, or curly, to accommodate individual preferences. Additionally, the closure piece can be further customized through tinting, bleaching, or styling to achieve a desired look that complements specific hair textures.

Are there any limitations to styling with the “3 Bundles With Closure” package?

The “3 Bundles With Closure” package offers great styling versatility. You can curl, straighten, or style the hair extensions and closure just like your own hair. The closure allows for different parting styles, giving you flexibility in creating various hairstyles.

How long can one expect the “3 Bundles With Closure” to last with proper care?

The longevity of the “3 Bundles With Closure” depends on factors such as hair quality, maintenance routine, and frequency of use. With proper care, including gentle washing, conditioning, and minimal heat styling, these bundles and the closure can typically last for several months, allowing for a prolonged period of enjoying a voluminous and stylish hairstyle.

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