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What does “4 Bundles With Frontal” refer to?

“4 Bundles With Frontal” refers to a hair package that includes four bundles of high-quality human hair extensions along with a frontal piece. This combination allows for a full and voluminous hairstyle with a seamless hairline.

How does the inclusion of a frontal enhance the hairstyle?

The frontal piece included in the “4 Bundles With Frontal” package provides a natural-looking hairline and allows for versatile styling options. It creates a seamless transition from the forehead to the extensions, giving the appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp.

What are the advantages of choosing “4 Bundles With Frontal” over other options?

Opting for “4 Bundles With Frontal” offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a complete and cohesive look with ample volume and coverage. Secondly, the frontal allows for various parting styles, including a middle part or side part, enhancing styling versatility. Lastly, the additional bundle quantity ensures a fuller and more voluminous end result.

Can “4 Bundles With Frontal” be customized to match different hair types?

Yes, “4 Bundles With Frontal” can be customized to match different hair types. The bundles are typically available in various textures, such as straight, wavy, or curly, to cater to individual preferences. Additionally, the frontal can be further customized by plucking, bleaching, or tinting to match the desired hairline and skin tone.

How long can one expect “4 Bundles With Frontal” to last?

The longevity of “4 Bundles With Frontal” depends on the quality of the hair and how well it is maintained. With proper care, including gentle washing, conditioning, and minimal heat styling, these bundles can last several months to a year, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful and voluminous hairstyle over an extended period.

On this page, Crownwayhair presents a comprehensive collection of top-quality 4 bundles of human hair accompanied by a 13×4 inch lace frontal, available in various lengths. To ensure you make an informed decision, we recommend checking the reviews before placing your order. If you prefer a more subtle volume, we invite you to visit our dedicated page for 3 bundles with 13×4 frontal.

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