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How Many Bundles Do You Need?

The number of bundles required for your desired hairstyles and hair textures can vary. Straight hair bundles typically have lower density compared to wavy or curly textured bundles. If you aim for a fuller look using straight bundles, it is recommended to use more bundles.

Typically, a single hair bundle suffices for a partial sew-in. However, we recommend using at least 2-3 bundles to provide greater versatility for styling options.

Is One Bundle Enough For A Ponytail?

One hair bundle is sufficient for creating a ponytail. You can wrap the bundle around the bun to achieve the desired style. However, if you desire a voluminous ponytail appearance, using additional bundles will be beneficial in creating the desired look.

Are Crownwayhair Hair Bundles Made Of Human Hair?

Crownway hair bundles are crafted from high-quality 100% human hair, offering exceptional quality. These bundles provide the flexibility to dye and restyle them using heat tools according to your preferences.

Our extensive range offers a diverse selection of bundles for you to explore. Whether you desire body wave, curly, straight, or kinky textures, we have a wide variety of options available for you to choose from and enjoy.

In Crownwayhair, you can find hair weave available in 1 bundle. Each bundle typically weighs around 95g-100g. Our bundles are designed with double weft construction to ensure minimal shedding. We take great care in inspecting each bundle to surpass industry standards, and they are handled with utmost precision until they are promptly delivered to you. If you require more, consider checking out our 3 bundles and 4 bundles options.

We take immense pride in our brand, and we sincerely hope you choose Nadula Hair as your go-to hair provider. Crownwayhair also offers cost-effective and popular bundle deals, making luxurious, virgin hair accessible to everyone. You can select from a range of 8 texture styles, including body wave, curly, straight, deep wave, natural wave, loose wave, kinky curly, and water wave.

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