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Are 4 Hair Bundles Enough?

To achieve a full and luxurious look, 4 hair bundles are typically sufficient. The most common combination for a complete and voluminous hairstyle involves using 4 hair bundles along with a closure or frontal. This combination ensures a seamless and natural-looking finish, providing you with a stunning and full hairstyle.

Can I Reuse My Hair Bundles?

A hair bundle can be reused if you use it for a sew-in, but it is not reusable after a quick weave install.

Our 4 hair bundle deals are perfect for adding extra volume and glamour to any desired look! While a full install typically requires 3 hair bundles, we recommend using a minimum of four hair bundles lengths of 20 inches or longer. This recommendation takes into account the natural thinning of hair towards the tips, ensuring a fuller look from root to tip. Moreover, 4 hair bundles are particularly advantageous for achieving a stunning appearance with curly weave and wavy weave styles.

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