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One of the main reasons why body wave hair are highly favored is their ability to imitate the natural look of hair. The loose waves closely mimic freshly styled, naturally wavy hair, making body wave hair seamlessly blend with your own hair or create an incredibly natural appearance, even if you don’t have naturally wavy or curly hair. This results in a flawless hairline and an overall look that appears as if the wig is your own hair.

Manageability and Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and care, body wave hair require attention to ensure longevity and a fresh look. The waves may need occasional redefinition or touch-ups, particularly after washing or styling. Proper detangling and regular conditioning are crucial to prevent tangling and preserve the softness and shine of the waves. While body wave hair may require more maintenance compared to straight hair, the effort invested is often rewarded with a beautiful and natural-looking hairstyle.

Compatibility with Different Hair Types

Body wave hair are known for their versatility in accommodating various hair types. Whether you have naturally straight hair, wavy locks, or even coarser curls, body wave hair seamlessly blend with your own hair texture. The waves help conceal any inconsistencies and create a harmonious appearance. This compatibility enables individuals with different hair types to experiment with body wave hair and enjoy the benefits of voluminous, wavy hair without altering their natural hair.

Styling Flexibility

The versatility of body wave hair in styling is a significant advantage. These wigs offer easy manipulation to achieve various looks. For a casual and effortless style, simply finger-comb the waves to create a beachy, tousled effect. To achieve a more refined appearance, utilize heat styling tools to create well-defined waves or gentle curls. Moreover, body wave hair can be styled into an array of updos, half-up, half-down styles, or ponytails, providing limitless possibilities for different occasions and personal preferences.

Is it Better to Buy Body Wave or Straight Hair?

In the debate between body wave hair and straight hair, there is no definitive answer regarding which is superior. The ultimate choice depends on personal preferences, style goals, lifestyle, and facial features. Body wave hair offer volume, texture, and a relaxed aesthetic, while straight hair provide a polished, sophisticated look. By considering these factors, an informed decision can be made to select the wig style that best suits individual needs, enabling the embrace of unique beauty and confident self-expression through hairstyles. It’s important to remember that both body wave hair and straight hair possess their own charm and allure, so embracing the versatility and experimentation that the world of hair has to offer is encouraged.

Installing & Styling Body Wave Hair

Bundles Required:

To achieve a full look with our Body Wave Hair, we recommend using approximately 3 bundles. However, the number of bundles needed may vary depending on the desired hair length:

-For 10 to 14 inches: 2 bundles
-For 16 to 22 inches: 3 bundles
-For 24 to 30 inches: 4 bundles

Installation Tips:

Avoid cutting the weave tracks: Instead, keep each weave track intact and wrap them around your head. Cutting the tracks can lead to loose ends and increased shedding.

Weave around the tracks: Instead of weaving through the tracks, weave around them. Weaving through the tracks can destabilize the stitching, potentially causing shedding over time.

Styling Your Body Wave Hair:

Our Body Wave Hair is intentionally textured to maintain its wavy form. While you can straighten the hair, it is recommended to keep it in its natural wavy texture. Over time, the Body Wave style may loosen and resemble a Natural Wave look. If you wish to restore the hair to its original Body Wave form, simply curl it using a curling iron and/or bendy rollers.

Care for Body Wave Hair

Your Body Wave Hair has an average lifespan of 1 year, and potentially up to 2 years, depending on proper care. Most clients opt to reapply the weaves after 1-2 months to maintain a fresh look as their natural hair grows.

Bleaching and Dyeing:

Our high-quality hair allows for bleaching and dyeing in a wide range of colors. However, we strongly advise clients to visit us or seek assistance from professional stylists to ensure proper bleaching or dyeing techniques. Bleaching can dry out the hair and loosen curls, and excessive bleach can cause permanent damage to the weave.

Washing Body Wave Hair:

Before washing, thoroughly brush the hair with a paddle brush to ensure tangle-free strands. Although this may slightly loosen the waves, they can be easily restored using a curling iron or bendy rollers. Prior to shampooing, use a pre-conditioning treatment to minimize hair dryness.

Brushing Body Wave Styles:

When dealing with Body Wave textures, you have the option of using either a paddle brush or finger comb. While a finger comb is better for maintaining the body wave style, a paddle brush can be used for a natural wave look. Remember, you can always revive the curls with bendy rollers or a curling iron. Begin brushing or finger combing from the hair tips, gently working your way up to the roots. Avoid using a fine-tooth comb on body wave styles.

Caring for Body Wave Hair at Night:

Before going to sleep, tie your Body Wave Hair into Bantu knots and cover it with a satin cap. This will help protect the hair and maintain its shape throughout the night.

How To Choose Body Wave Hair Bundles?

Having a specific hairstyle in mind is beneficial when selecting your body wave hair bundles. Whether you opt for Virgin Hair Bundles or Colored Virgin Hair Bundles, all our body wave hair bundle styles are crafted from 100% virgin human hair, ensuring a natural look and feel. Regardless of how you decide to wear it, our goal is for you to wear your hair with utmost confidence.

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