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Best Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair


6D hair extensions are not merely a type of hair extension; rather, they represent a distinct method of application. In this technique, an extension tool is loaded with a row of exceptionally tiny hair extensions. The hair is carefully divided into rows, and the tool, resembling a gun, creates small, sectioned hair extensions. However, there is a drawback to this approach. Our hair follicle density varies across different areas of the head. Consequently, regions with high density necessitate larger sections, while low-density areas may require longer or wider sections. Personally, I prefer to create customized sections based on my client’s specific hair follicle density per square inch. While the 6D hair extension method may be more suitable for finer hair rather than thicker hair, I find that the sections created are often too small to provide long-term support for hair extensions. The company may claim that “anyone” can apply these extensions, but this statement is simply not accurate. An expert comprehends the appropriate amount of hair required to support a hair extension and understands which areas of the head necessitate more or fewer hair extensions, enabling a truly personalized application.

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