The 13×6 lace front wig is characterized by a hairline size of 13 inches and 6 inches of lace at the front. It is crafted using a combination of hand-tied lace and a machine-made wig cap, resulting in a seamless and natural-looking hairline.

Made from 100% high-quality human hair, the 13×6 lace frontal wig offers versatility in styling. It can be dyed, straightened, bleached, curled, and restyled according to your preferences. Ymy Hair provides a wide range of 13×6 lace front human hair wigs, catering to different style preferences.

The design of the 13×6 lace frontal wig ensures continuous airflow to the scalp, promoting breathability and overall comfort during wear. With proper care, these wigs can maintain their quality and last up to six months or even longer.

In summary, the 13×6 lace front wig offers a natural-looking hairline, styling versatility, comfort, and durability. It is a reliable choice for individuals seeking a high-quality and long-lasting wig.

13×6 Lace Front Wigs VS 4×4 Lace Closure Wigs

Determining which type of wig is better ultimately depends on various factors. Consider the following key factors to help you make the right choice:

Occasion: The occasion plays a significant role in selecting the appropriate wig. For daily wear, a closure wig, such as a 4×4 lace closure wig, is often preferred. Its convenience allows for easy wear without much hassle. On the other hand, for special occasions that require intricate hairstyles like half-up or half-down styles, a frontal wig unit would be more suitable.

Budget: It’s important to consider your budget when deciding between a 13×6 front wig and a regular 4×4 lace closure unit. The 13×6 front wig, with its larger lace space, tends to be pricier. However, the additional lace space provides more styling options. You get to pay for what you truly need. Additionally, with the abundance of tutorials and YouTube videos available, you can save on salon fees by opting for a DIY installation process.

Whether you choose our stunning 4×4, 13×4, or even 13×6 front units available in straight and loose wave styles, as well as different lengths (short, medium, and long), we are confident that whichever option you select, you will be satisfied with your choice.

Features Of 13×6 Lace Front Wig

Durable and tangle-free: Crafted from 100% virgin human hair, this wig provides a genuine look and texture. It is highly durable and resists tangling, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Enhanced styling versatility: The hair can be styled to your preference, allowing for various parting options. Whether you prefer a side part, middle part, off-center parting, or styling the hair brushed back for a flawless hairline, the choice is yours.

Breathable construction: The lightweight and breathable nature of lace is a notable advantage. As a result, wigs with larger lace areas offer improved breathability, allowing for better airflow and a more comfortable experience.

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