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Introducing the innovative 4C Edges Wig, also known as the 4C Hair Wig. This remarkable wig features curly hair that begins at the root and continues with curly edges, resulting in a more authentic appearance. Unlike traditional wigs, this wig incorporates textured curly baby hair along the hairline, providing a natural and realistic look. The hidden HD lace kinky hairline enhances the overall realism, making it an exceptional choice for women seeking lifelike wigs. The curly edges contribute significantly to the unit’s natural appearance, which can be further enhanced by flat ironing the small crimps. With this wig, you can achieve a hairstyle that looks like it’s growing directly from your scalp.

What does 4C Hair Mean?

What is 4C hair? 4C hair refers to a hair type characterized by the tightest curl pattern among all curly hair types. The strands form tight, springy ringlets. 4C hair typically tends to clump more at the ends and has a higher tendency for shrinkage compared to 4B hair. According to CURLS, 4C hair has the potential to shrink up to 75% of its length!

Characteristics of 4C hair

Recognized for its tight coils and high density, 4C hair displays a naturally super curly texture. The curls in this hair type are tightly packed and form a distinctive “Z” pattern, which renders it delicate and prone to breakage. Compared to other natural hair types like 4A and 4B, 4C hair is more tightly coiled and less defined. Additionally, the individual strands of 4C hair tend to be thinner.

Given these unique characteristics, 4C hair necessitates special care and attention to maintain its health and integrity.


Key characteristics of 4C hair include:

Curl size: 4C hair boasts the smallest and tightest curl pattern, making the tiny ringlets and coils highly susceptible to tangling and matting.

Pattern: With its tight Z-pattern, 4C hair may exhibit less-defined curls or appear “frizzy.”

Texture: Among all curl patterns, 4C hair has the tightest texture, often shrinking when wet and proving challenging to stretch or style.

Moisture Levels: 4C hair does not retain moisture easily and tends to dry out faster than other curl patterns.

It is important to note that hair typing systems are not scientifically based, and individual variations can exist within a hair type. Most individuals have multiple curl types throughout their hair, even if they have a dominant type. Therefore, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Taking the time to experiment and understand your own hair type is always advisable, rather than relying solely on a classification.

Why Choose 4C Edges Wig?

4C Edges: Achieve the Most Realistic Hairline with Curly Baby Hair, Crafted to Seamlessly Blend with the Lace. Experience a Flawless Melt, as if the Hair is Growing Naturally from your Original Hairline.

Beautifully Textured Kinky Straight Edges that Imitate a Genuine Human Hairline. Choose between a 13×4 Lace Front Wig or a 5×5 Lace Closure Wig, both featuring Ample Parting Space at the Front, allowing for Versatile Middle and Side Parting.

Beginner-Friendly Effortless Installation for Wear & Go Convenience. Easily Take off and Put on the Wig Daily, providing flexibility and ease.

100% Human Hair Wig with Undetectable Lace: Enjoy the Softness, Bounce, and Comfort of Authentic Human Hair. The Wig can be Re-Styled to suit your preferences.

Package & Return Policy: Each Package Includes 1 Unit Wig along with Random Small Gifts. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the Wig, we accept Returns as long as the Wig is in its New, Original State.

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