Short Haircut for Men

Short hair is one of the most popular styles used by men, making it a timeless cut.

Hair techniques are constantly being reinvented to give a more original cut for all hair types.

If you have short hair, there are some trendy and original cuts that can inspire you.

Models of short haircuts

There are trendy haircuts that are perfect for short hair.

Spiky cut with gradient at temples: offers a crew cut model with a spiky touch that incorporates a gradient at the temples, and clean contours.

Waves gradient applied a gradient at the temples and nape of the neck that completes a cut with wavy layers.

Caesar Cup high white gradient: a simple cut that’s always effective and fashionable.

Waves with a white gradient: gives a wave-effect cut that applies a medium gradient to complete the hairstyle.

Caesar Cup with design: allows for a more stylish touch that incorporates a high gradient, with a modern design on the sides for an original result.

Buzz cut models

Buzz cut hairstyles are highly sought-after on gradient methods thanks to their clean, neat results.

Buzz cut with medium gradient: who opts for a gradient and disconnected beard to complete this sober cut with style.

A buzz cut on white gradient: offers a neat, straight cut with very sharp contours.

The buzz cut with progressive gradient: offers a gradient at the temples and nape of the neck, and well executed contours to embellish the cut.

Buzz cut with low white gradient: who opts for a simple, neat cut with a clean beard disconnected to complete the hairstyle.

Buzz cut with progressive gradient: redefines the classic model with a mid-length cut that incorporates clean contours and a gradient at the temples and nape of the neck.

Other Buzz cut hairstyles

Here are some other Buzz cut styles you can apply for a trendy layered cut:

  • Buzz cut gradient with crochet parting: opting for a cut with a slight wave effect, to which a parting is added, and a high white gradient for a better finish.

  • The buzz cut on fused gradient: allows a typical buzz cut to be very well executed, perfectly suited to short hair.

  • Gradient fade: creates a perfect high gradient with very clean contours for a really neat cut.

  • A buzz cut on a low gradient: offers a buzz cut style on medium-length hair with a falling gradient to get a cut with a better effect.

  • Buzz cut temple gradient: opting for a classic style with well-executed contours for a chic, well-groomed result.

Cutting patterns for frizzy hair

If you’ve got frizzy hair, short haircut models are ideal for a versatile, on-trend look.

Flat top with gradual gradation: a vintage hairstyle with a straight style on the top, providing volume for a successful cut.

Afro short with gradient at temples: applies a deep gradient that pairs perfectly with this frizzy hair style.

A short afro with progressive gradient: perfect for frizzy or straight hair that incorporates a blended gradient, with clean contours for a sophisticated look.

Tinted undercut An original cut that favors a fade-to-white gradient, highlighting the dyed hair on the upper part of the hairstyle.

The undercut gradient with design blends a white gradient with the addition of a design to create an aesthetically pleasing hairstyle, with perfect contours to finalize the cut.

Short haircuts for men: Comb over

Comb-over styles are very fashionable on short hair for an elegant, chic result.

Model Comb over with a faded gradient: favors an attractive rendering that applies a Comb over on the upper part of the head.

Side part Comb over with white gradient: redefines the conventional model with a thick parting at the base of the cut, and a high gradient for a modern, trendy effect.

The Comb over side part on a Hi-Lo gradient: offers a cut mix with two stripes to mark the Side part, and a Hi-Lo gradient for a fashionable and original result.

Comb over side part with high gradient: opting for a simple, classic style with versatile results for an everyday cut.

Side part Comb over with a high gradient: a versatile, fashionable cut that retains length with a white gradient and parting to distinguish the Side part effect.

Short haircuts for men: Mohawk

Mohawk cut styles can be applied to short hair to highlight the hair on top.

Cut MoHawk gives a cut with a short gradient on top of spiky hair for a casual effect.

Side part mohawk spiky: incorporates a parting to bring out the Side part style, with a side gradient giving a creative cut.

Style messy faux hawk with Hi-lo gradient: an original cut that blends two distinct styles, with the addition of a beard to finalize this atypical hairstyle.

Tinted Mohawk V-gradient: favors a tinted spiky top that incorporates a parting for a faded gradient effect in Hi-Lo to give a more aesthetic result.

Frohawk with Burst Fade gradient: opting for a conventional model with a blended gradient that disconnects the beard, to which clean contours are added to complete the hairstyle.

Men’s short haircuts: layered

The gradient style is almost essential for a stylish, trendy men’s cut.

Creative gradient A highly original result that shows off your creative and original side.

Inverted with mirror effect: gives an original rendering that incorporates a touch of mirror gradation, with aesthetic contours for an atypical effect.

Medium white gradient For a textured cut at the top to add volume to your short hair.

Creative Apply a technical gradient that incorporates a disconnected full beard style for a contrasting touch on short hair.

Gradient at temples and nape of neck This is an attractive style that’s styled backwards with a gradient at the temples and nape of the neck to achieve a disconnected beard.

Cut for curly hair

If you have curly hair, it’s possible to apply a short cut for a trendy result.

Short gradient with curved line Hairstyle: offers an original, fashionable hairstyle that incorporates a creative design, with a sober medium gradient to complete the cut.

Curly hair and line highlights curly hair by applying a high gradation, with strokes to achieve a more stylish result.

Waves and contours favors a wavy cut that incorporates a discreet gradient, with well-trimmed contours for a cleaner, neater effect.

Short gradient and contours gives a short style on curly hair that applies a high gradation, and well-executed contours to complete this worked cut.

Short haircuts for men: trends

Buzz cut hairstyles are very trendy on short hair for a stylish, well-groomed result.

Buzz cut with white gradient: offers a traditional buzz cut complemented by a medium white gradient, with a stylish beard for an original cut effect.

Medium gradient: offers a white gradient with contours ideally realized to achieve a simple, clean, trendy hairstyle.

With beard disconnected: apply a medium-white gradient to achieve a contrasting cut with the ultra-trendy beard.

Buzz cut with high gradient: combines perfect contours with a fading gradient that enhances this simple, versatile cut.

Buzz cut temple gradation: do cleanly with a discreet gradation, and well-trimmed contours to finish the cut.

Short haircuts for men: original

Gradients can add style to short hair, and with original models, the result can only be original.

Cut with horned locks and low gradation: offers a gothic style that favors a dark, atypical result.

Hipster gradient: a hairstyle that highlights the textured upper part, particularly suited to the hipster style.

Top knot with medium gradient: favors a fairly simple cut with a white gradient, and a very distinctive full disconnected beard for a virile, imposing look.

Fringe styled back : applies a high gradient to a cut that sweeps back for a classy, elegant touch.

Models of white gradient cut on short cut

White gradients make short hair stand out perfectly for a more stylish result.

White gradient on hair curly The curly hair of the cut is highlighted for a casual, trendy result.

Hair white gradient frizzy incorporates a white gradient to accentuate the frizzy style for a more natural hair effect.

Hair gradient natural : exposes hair well with a low white gradient to enhance the natural effect of the cut.

Cup afro gradient: offers an afro style that applies a high white gradient to complete this versatile cut.

Hair white gradient short A classic cut, this time with a well executed white gradient effect to embellish this trendy model.

Short hair is constantly being reinvented to give men more styling choices to show off their hair.

You too can apply the trendiest styles to get inspiration for a new haircut.

You can create a haircut clean-shaven with full beardor a cut caesar with design for an original look.