Summer Cut for Women Over 50 Years Old- The Season to Regain Your Youthfulness

Summer is a great time to experiment with hair cuts and lengths. And, why not surprise those around you by completely changing your head. Regardless of age, hair transformations are a fun way to get in the mood for the season ahead. But which summer haircut for women aged 50 and over to adopt, and are there any rules and lengths that are off-limits? Find out the answer to all these questions in the following lines.

Which haircut is right for heat waves?

While you may be able to pull off a wonderful ponytail or chignon, long hair has always had a way of retaining heat. That’s why many of us cut our hair short in summer. Women in their 50s can’t get enough of this trend. In fact, short hair is not only the best for keeping you cool in summer! Easy to style and maintain, it also has the enormous advantage of bouncing back the weakened, stiff mane of women aged 50 and over. What’s more, short haircuts have both a chic and a rebellious edge, giving wearers a youthful look.

And speaking of short haircuts, don’t make the mistake of automatically projecting the image of a very short, androgynous boyish cut. There’s a myriad of short haircuts out there – from the classic pixie to the modern bixie – each more brilliant than the last. This diversity is also fueled by the large number of accessories you can use to embellish your mane. For the rest, discover plenty of great examples of short summer haircuts for 50-year-olds to steal right away.

Short pixie cut with volume, accessorized with a summer headband

hair accessory 50 years old pixie cut with volume

What summer cut for a 50-year-old woman in 2023?

A tousled pixie

The long pixie is a sure bet for shorter lengths. What sets it apart from the traditional short cut are the few longer strands that cover the top and forehead of the head. In the spirit of summer, which is a rather dynamic and playful season, we advise you to opt for a tousled hairstyle that’s even a little rocky. Breaking with the 50-year-old tradition of sensible haircuts will make you look younger than ever before. What’s more, the effort of tousling and straightening the hair from the roots upwards would add a light, airy, voluminous note to your mane. To recreate this effect, equip yourself with a styling wax or other fixative and experiment with directions.

A pixie summer cut full of life

50 years old woman short haircut with volume style tock coloratiopn blonde

A short haircut with asymmetrical highlights

Queen of hair transformations, actress Halle Berry has always been a spokesperson for short haircuts. Now that she’s past fifty, she continues to offer short lengths in a multitude of charming variations. For summer, dare something more extravagant, like this asymmetrical cut that’s shaved on the side. The blond highlights on the other side and part of the forehead emphasize the eyes and facial features, while giving new interest to this rebellious, youthful cut. The play of colors and lengths creates the illusion of texture.

Dare a dynamic cut for summer!

women's afro cut 50+ shaved side and longer blond side

A traditional pixie cut

If you’re not so adventurous, consider a traditional pixie cut in the blonde range. This will illuminate your facial features like summer sunshine. Cutting at a slight angle and creating a little asymmetry at the fringe will add texture to this shiny, elegant cut.

An elegant short blonde cut

short pixie cut for 60-year-old woman with side bangs

A short wavy bob

As we said earlier, you don’t necessarily have to cut your hair very short. In recent years, the square cut has become very popular with young and old alike. A slightly layered bob would be excellent for giving the illusion of volume. And it would be even better if you added a few curls to imitate sea waves. Finally, to keep the cut in line with current trends, opt for curtained fringe to frame the face beautifully. The gradient effect and the waves will give your mane an airy look, movement and volume – on the sides, as well as on top.

A slightly wavy bob to create hair volume

wavy bob with volume red hair 50 years old woman

A natural bob, French bob style

Like many celebrities who have already dared to show off their natural gray hair, you can skip coloring and simply opt for a fashionable cut. Originating in the 20s of the previous century, this glamorous jawline cut has the great advantage of clearing the neck. It’s therefore light and very appropriate for the summer season. What’s more, hair cut this short bounces back naturally, while retaining a certain length that’s very feminine and charming. The cut alone is enough to emphasize your modern side, without the shame of flaunting your real age.

The natural French bob

60 year old woman short bob cut natural hair side parted

A layered mid-length cut

If you want to keep your hair a certain length, but don’t want it to reflect on its appearance and texture, opt for a layered cut. This is made up of several layers of hair of varying lengths – an effect that maximizes volume and creates movement. Here, too, we encourage you to do a little stripping, or try your hand at creating the famous beach waves with a saltwater spray. The aim is to add extra volume and dynamism to the maturing material. Another advantage of this cut is the fact that it has enough material to create a beautiful summer hairstyle. So don’t hesitate to tie your mane into a pretty, tousled chignon.

modele cut dégradé chic femme 50 ans avec meches

Cristina Cordula and her iconic short haircut

women's short haircut 60 years cristina cordula women's short haircut summer 2023

Natural short afro cut to free the nape of the neck

example of a natural haircut for a 60-year-old woman with short afro curls

An asymmetrical, layered bob for volume

example of a 60-year-old woman's blurred gradient simple and practical hairstyle

exeple of short haircut 60 years old woman with a parting on the side pixie with volume