Taper Fade: The Trendy Men’s Cut

The Taper fade style has become highly sought-after at the moment for an ultra-trendy hairstyle.

This method makes a cut more versatile and stylish, depending on the nature of the hair.

Although it’s a trendy style, many people, especially men, are unfamiliar with this touch that beautifies the hairstyle.

If you want to apply this effect to your cut, it’s important to know the style and differentiate it from other hair techniques.

Before applying a Taper Fade style, it’s important to know what it brings to a cut so you can know if this effect is right for you.

What is the Taper Fade cut?

In hairdressing jargon, the Taper Fade style means tapered for Taper, and fade for Fade.

The models Tapered Cut generally offer an asymmetrical, layered hairstyle that maintains a consistent length of hair on the upper part of the cut.

The sides and back of the hairstyle are generally shorter to highlight the hair above the head.

The nape of the neck can be shaved or parted to suit individual facial features and expectations.

Coupe Taper Fade: how to apply it to your hair?

The Taper Fade effect is very much in demand right now for incorporating into hairstyle designs.

A Taper or tapered cut offers a precisely cleansed effect on the natural hairline.

And the Fade style gives a faded touch to the edges of the hair.

The Fade cut effect mainly affects the areas at the back of the cut and on the sides.

Taper Fade models can be low, medium, high or shaved, emphasizing the well-defined arch behind the ear.

The Taper Fade style can be applied to different hairstyles to embellish them, and is suitable for both men and women.

Which Taper Fade styles can be applied to haircuts?

The Taper Fade style is suitable for different hair types, and is generally applied to a man’s mid-length cut, but can also be adapted to short hair.

Quiff cutting pattern

The Quiff cut models bring out the Taper Fade effect of the hairstyle very well, for a worked and successful hairstyle result.

Quiff with gradient medium A medium gradient, fading and tapering on the sides for a clean, versatile cut.

Textured Quiff gradient: offers an original textured cut that applies a disconnected beard thanks to the Taper Fade effect.

Quiff on medium gradient applies a gradient that accentuates a textured cut with a disconnected beard.

Quiff with colored highlights : favors a cut with long, tinted highlights on the front, to which is added a high gradient and a well-trimmed beard to finish off the textured hairstyle.

A quiff with gradient with falling white: apply a gel to hold the cut with a blended, tapered effect in the gradient and contours to embellish the model.

Cutting patterns on short hair

It’s possible to apply a Taper fade effect to a shorter cut, although the result is more successful on medium-length hair.

Spiky cut with temple gradient: applies a crew cut model with a spiky touch, to which is added a Taper fade effect temple gradient with clean contours.

Waves degraded The melted, tapered touch highlights the wave-like undulating layers.

Caesar Cup high white gradient: applies a neat, stylish cut with the addition of a tapered fade effect to the hairstyle.

Waves with a white gradient: opting for a medium gradient to emphasize the Taper fade key.

Caesar Cup with design: features a modern design on the sides for a more original look.

Other short gradient patterns

Adding a short gradient to a haircut highlights the neat result thanks to the Taper fade effect.

  • Short contours and defined beard: apply a faded gradient for a disconnected beard with a well executed sober parting to accentuate the contours.

  • Short gradient with pattern Taper fade: an original cut featuring a curved, patterned stripe, accentuated by the Taper fade effect for a gorgeous finish.

  • The gradient short Curly hair, contours and beard: an original style that applies well-trimmed contours, a blended gradient that disconnects the beard, and a sober parting.

  • Short and contours Who opts for a fairly short hairstyle applying a blended gradient with well-trimmed contours giving a fashionable, very clean look.

  • Short gradient frizzy hair Highlights frizzy hair with a high, fade-out gradient and a taper to lighten the cut.

Layering on curly hair

The Taper fade gradient effect is highly sought-after on curly hair to highlight waves and offer structure to curls.

Taper fade colored curly mid-length hair with white fade Features a contrasting cut with tinted curls on top, and short sides for added style.

Curly hair natural: the tapered rendering allows you to achieve successful natural curls, with a soft medium gradation for a clean, well-groomed cut.

Curly Taper fade effect: offers a relaxed, natural style, always with a contrasting cut with short sides thanks to the Taper fade effect.

Gradient frizzy hair and contours: a cut that highlights frizzy hair with well-executed contours to bring out the tapered fade effect of the hairstyle.

Curly gradient cut patterns

Tapered cuts are perfect for curly or frizzy hair, using a low-maintenance afro style with a cut like :

  • Afro and contours : this cut applies classic styling with a faded-to-white gradient, and well-trimmed contours to finalize a versatile hairstyle.

  • Curly hair with contours: favors a gorgeous model with a gradient and contours highlighted thanks to the Taper fade effect.

  • Afro men’s white teddy For those who opt for a conventional afro style, with a medium gradient for a more dynamic, trendy look.

  • Men’s afro cut gradient: offers a tapered afro style on curly hair, to which is added a medium-white gradient with a faded Taper effect to embellish the cut.

  • Afro gradient and contours Applies a tapered afro cut for a versatile, low-maintenance result, with clean contours to complete the style.

Cutting patterns with a slight gradient

A light gradient gives a cut with less contrast on the sides, with a Taper fade effect that’s still effective.

Light waves gradient offers beautiful contours thanks to a Taper fade gradient effect on the sides of the cut.

Slight gradient, curly hair highlights natural curls for a casual, on-trend cut.

Gradient with drawn contours Apply a cool, fashionable pattern that emphasizes well-defined contours with a touch of Taper fade gradient.

Light gradation, curly hair and contours: who opts for a rather classic style that maximizes the curly effect with a taper on a melted gradation, and perfect contours.

Wave with contours For a clean, well-groomed wavy hairstyle with clean contours thanks to a sober fade.

Slicked back cutting pattern

The Slicked back hairstyle is ideal with a Taper fade effect thanks to the mid-length used for this cut.

Slicked back with high gradation: apply a faded high gradation to highlight the style of the cut, with a full beard for a trendier look.

Gradient low: who opts for a versatile cut with a more serious or casual touch, depending on the desired effect.

Long slicked back with medium gradient: a classic slicked-back cut that gives a more stylish and trendy result thanks to the Taper fade effect on medium gradient.

Slicked back with scissor gradient: offers a touch of scissor gradient to accentuate the tapered effect of the cut for a clean, uncluttered look.

Side part slicked back Add a sober bottom gradient with clean contours to highlight the Taper fade effect and achieve a more successful cut.

comb over cutting pattern

Comb-over hairstyles give a trendy, beautiful result with the addition of a Taper fade effect.

Comb over with side part applies a cut that combines two styles separated by a side parting, with a faded medium gradient to enhance the cut.

Long comb over with moustache: who opts for hair with length to emphasize the tapered effect of the hair by adding a gel to set the cut.

Pompadour on high white gradient: offers an attractive hairstyle with a blonde lock on a textured banana, with a gorgeous comb over thanks to the Taper fade effect.

Long comb over messy: gives an elegant, virile tousled hairstyle result with a Side part style accentuated by a tapered effect.

Side part comb over with high gradient: for a cut that applies a light pompadour effect with a faded Taper gradient and a distinct parting for an original hairstyle.

Taper fade cut styles are cleaner and neater for a low-maintenance men’s hairstyle.

The results of this effect depend on the nature of the hair and the expectations you have for a cut.

As a bonus, you can apply a cut afro or a haircut curly with white gradation to highlight the top of the cut and the faded Taper effect at the same time.

A white gradient gives a contrasting result that suits all hair types for a versatile Taper fade result.