Top 100 Wedding Hairstyles

Big ceremonies like weddings call for haircuts that live up to the occasion.

It’s important to find a cut that goes well with your dress and the nature of your hair.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

There are hairstyles for short hair that don’t necessarily require extensions to accommodate longer styles.

Short cut tapered The new “Taper”: offers more volume with a side fringe, and a floral tiara on the head for a bohemian wedding effect.

Short cut Pixie Accessorize your cut with a crown to highlight your short hair.

Long square top strands are twisted for a slightly wavy result with tapered tips.

Cup garçonne An offbeat cut for a wedding that makes it unique, and even becomes one of the most successful with the right accessories.

Short square A simplistic hairstyle that becomes elegant and ceremonious with the addition of a tiara.

Wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair

Mid-length cuts also have styles that are perfect for weddings.

Braided wreath braided crown: you can do it in reverse, starting at the nape of the neck, or on the top of the head for an elegant result every time.

Loose bun gives a mix of a braided cut and a lower loose bun.

Loose hair :a tiara-accessorized haircut on a tousled-effect haircut.

Ponytail offers a ponytail style done at the base of the neck, and loose on one side for a chic, simple result.

Cut wavy a highly sought-after hairstyle that highlights the wavy look.

Wedding hairstyles for long, loose hair

These styles are perfect if you want a cut that shows off your natural hair, or if you want to stand out from hairstyles with buns or braids.

Loose cut corrugatedIt brings out the waves by letting your hair down to one side.

With sail The result is a look that perfectly embodies the wedding style.

Loose cut with flower Floral accessories: use floral accessories for a touch of boho chic.

With attachment tie: tie two strands of hair back at mid-length for a more coiffed effect.

Loose cut with crown for a better aesthetic effect of your natural hair.

Wedding hairstyles for long, upswept hair

This is a style that clears the nape of the neck for a fresher cut at a big event like a wedding.

Cut bohemian wavy this trendy model of the moment highlights your waves with a highly sought-after effect.

Up-do hairstyle loose This upswept hairstyle maximizes the loose effect of your hair.

Raised cup braided braided hair: the application of braids allows the nape of the neck to be freed up in an aesthetic way.

Accessorized gives an elegant, upswept look by using accessories to embellish the cut.

Up-do with veil veil: the use of a veil raises your hair so that it’s perfect for a wedding.

Side wedding hairstyle

Also known as side hair, these styles are becoming fashionable at the moment thanks to their elegant, if sometimes simplistic, effect.

Side Hair Drop Loose: offers a rather simple, easy-to-make style, but the cut changes dramatically with the use of elegant accessories to embellish it.

Side Hair with hair clip This aesthetic tool secures the hairstyle and adds a touch of elegance.

Crown Once applied, the bohemian style of the cut is immediately accentuated.

Side Hair Corrugated a rather simplistic hairstyle that emphasizes side waves.

Side Hair with veil veil: a must-have accessory for a wedding, so incorporate it well into this natural cut.

Trendy wedding hairstyles

These haircut styles are all the rage right now if you want to apply a trendy hairstyle to wear during a wedding.

Hairstyle unleashed offers an elegant, romantic effect that brings out the best in your natural hair.

Wavy-effect haircut: a way to highlight your waves by applying a side-hair style to your hair.

Tail of horse favors a revisited take on the classic ponytail by incorporating side bangs for a chic effect.

Hairstyle braided a style that uses two braided strands on each side to form a gorgeous natural crown.

Bun fuzzy or elegant proposes a chignon that uses the top strands, and is done halfway up.

Other trendy wedding gowns

Here are some other trendy hairstyles you can opt for during a big event like a wedding:

  • The neo ponytail gives a modern result that reinvents the classic ponytail style for an avant-garde effect.

  • Half-tail A cut that adds volume at the top thanks to the half-tail.

  • Glamour curls: offer a chic, sophisticated result that brings out the curls in your hair.

  • Big braids a distinguished style that applies a single braid with accessory.

  • The knotted braids Braids that gather at the back of the haircut for a more voluminous style.

Wedding hairstyle with fringe

Hairstyles with fringe are rather offbeat for a wedding, but they’re very much in demand these days for a singular cut.

Cut with fringe straight a style that gives a sophisticated effect, and pairs well with wavy locks.

Fringe on the side Side bun: offers a distinguished fringe that stands out from the usual bun styles.

Long bangs: incorporate long side bangs with a high bun for a shorter cut.

Cut with fringe tapered For added volume thanks to tapered strands.

Hairstyle with fringe curtain offers a style that highlights the fringe by applying waves that start at mid-height, contrasting with the high part.

Wedding hairstyle with braids

Using braids allows you to highlight a haircut during a wedding with the right model that matches your haircut.

Braids cascade perfect for long hair by braiding two strands that meet halfway.

Braids in wheat ear gives a simple cut effect reinvented for chic glamour.

Mats intertwined offers a cut with intertwined strands for a more elaborate hairstyle.

Chignon braided: apply a chignon that incorporates braids for an elegant touch.

Crown braids: a cut composed of medium-sized strands to create a pleasing crown.

Wedding hairstyle with low bun

This chignon style is highly sought-after for a unique event like a wedding.

Low chignon with braided wick With a side-braided wick and a traditional low bun for a more fashionable touch.

The low chignon blurred uses tapered strands throughout the cut to give a relaxed effect.

Low bun with double braided locks : gives an elegant combination of low bun, two thick braids on each side, and fringe on the side.

With accessory For a more bohemian touch, with the use of trinkets such as floral crowns.

Low bun blurred The “blur”: uses a rather simple fringe cut, but the use of an attachment such as a sophisticated barrette gives a more elegant result.

Wedding hairstyles with chignon

Hairstyles with a chignon are a must when it comes to weddings.

Chignon top High chignon: features a high chignon that uses the entire head of hair for a chic, romantic voluminous cut.

Blur A haircut that stands out for its intentionally unkempt chignon touch, to which side locks are added.

Bun braided gives the result of a braided chignon to which you can add a lock on the side.

With side fringe For a mid-length haircut.

Chignon on the side A rather classic effect, but with a unique charm.

Wedding hairstyles for curly hair

If you’ve got long curly hair, you can use it to embellish your cut with suitable styles without having to straighten it.

Curly cut loose You can proudly wear dense curls with this cut for a romantic, bewitching effect.

Side hair another hairstyle that brings out your natural curls by exposing them to the side.

Chignon Apply bangs to the side with a curly chignon brought to life by curly hair.

Curly cut braided braided hair: small braided strands on the side give your hairstyle a more aesthetic effect.

Cup vanilla The vanilla style offers a singular, glamorous result for your curly hair.

Wedding hairstyles for curly hair

If you’ve got curly hair, there are some ideal hairstyles to show it off during a wedding.

Cut with ripples curly hair: the use of wide waves makes curly hair stand out.

Hairstyling with wavy wave a loose cut that gives curls fullness for a glamorous effect.

The cup English The curls are well-formed for an elegant, sophisticated cut.

Cup corrugated braided A few small braids glued to the side of the head expose the rest of the hair.

Wedding hairstyles for frizzy hair

Protective braid cuts are ideal for ceremonies if you have very curly, straight or frizzy hair.

The Cornrows updo high bun: offers a sophisticated cut with braids glued to the back.

Queen des Cornrows offers a thick-braided wreath for a distinguished effect.

The double Cornrows: gives a chic, sophisticated French braid effect.

Having a haircut that suits your hair and dress is important for having memorable memories at a wedding.

Don’t hesitate to opt for a haircut that enhances your hair without any headaches.