What Short Haircut for Thin, Volume-less Hair After 50 Years Old? Hair Ideas to Look Your Best This Summer

Summer’s here and, naturally, you want to take care of yourself. Start with a new haircut that will make you feel more confident and radiant. However, if you have fine, thinning hair, a new, well-executed hairstyle can change all that and give you natural volume. Today, especially for you, we’ve selected a few hair strategies for visually fuller hair. What short haircut for thin, volumeless hair after 50? It’s now possible to look young and radiant this summer.

A general change in hair texture occurs after 50

which short cut for fine hair without volume

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What haircut for very fine hair with no volume?

You’ve probably noticed that your hair has become straighter. Hormonal imbalance (menopause), vitamin deficiency or stress are among the most common reasons for thinning hair. The market is flooded with innovative products, but a single stroke of the scissors is all it takes to naturally restore texture to your hair. For this, expert hairdressers recommend a short cut. But how, you may ask, can you restore thickness by removing material? In fact, the look is increasingly focused on the top of the head to give the illusion of volume. The proof is in the 5 timeless short cuts for fine hair, perfectly suited to women over 50.

We love the short cut of our favorite actress Audrey Toutou

audrey tatou pixie cut short black hair

#Short square

A haircut can make you look younger or older. If you don’t want to make drastic changes, opt for a short bob, layered or not, which is very classy and timeless. And to add volume and dynamism, you can wear the lock to one side. This cut is feminine and refined. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain. Keep it simple and get great results with minimum effort.

The mid-length bob is a popular way to add movement to your hair.

carre court fine blond hair 60 years old woman pink jacket

#Pixie in all its variants

The shorter it is, the more volume you’ll have and the more you’ll highlight your features. The pixie cut is distinguished by very short hair, a rounded shape and subtle layering. You have several layers of material to create volume naturally. It was the ultra-trendy haircut of the ’80s, and still is in 2023. It’s a dynamic, modern look for women over 50.

If you like the rock look, this hairstyle is a must.

pixie cut 60 years old blonde bezel white jacket

#The famous Bob

The bob cut can give structure and volume to your hair. It comes in a thousand and one variations with very modern names. Straight, tapered, asymmetrical, it doesn’t matter – it’s a variation on the bob cut, but more unstructured, making hair appear fuller. Give your hair a lift with a short cut that adds volume and texture to make you look 10 years younger.

The difference is obvious in this hair transformation

transformation before and after short hair

#Coupa à la garçonne for the most daring

Your facial features will be uncluttered and you’ll look fresher with a very short cut. Like the pixie cut, the tomboy cut adds mass with a scissor movement. On the other hand, you have to be extra careful not to cut too much and get the opposite result. In any case, it’s a haircut for women with character, and also suitable for those who wear glasses. You can add a few strands on the underside to keep it feminine.

Charlène of Monaco embraces her short hair with class and sophistication

charlene de monaco short hair blonde hairstyle woman

Boyish cut curly hair

change haircut short curl woman 50 years

#Good or bad bangs?

Bangs have always been the subject of much debate. The truth is, if well executed, curtained bangs can add volume. But be sure to ask your hairdresser for advice, as bangs are not suitable for all face shapes. Incidentally, they can hide a few wrinkles.

Here’s another actress who makes the most of short hair

haircut woman 50 years short blonde


Hair of a uniform color can look flat. If you opt for a short cut, adding a few strands of a lighter shade will not only brighten your hair, but also your complexion. This technique is called hair contouring, if you feel like asking and talking to your colorist. By the way, if you’ve decided to keep your hair gray, a short, slightly unstructured cut will give you a youthful look. Otherwise, you should choose an appropriate color close to your natural color.

More and more women are embracing their beautiful greys

white haircut short white bag

Hairdressers’ tips for thinning hair

One of the challenges of menopause is maintaining healthy hair. Hair becomes more brittle and thinner. So it’s important to change your hair routine. Use specialized conditioning shampoos adapted to your hair type. Here’s a list of some hair tips for find hair:

  • Some people advise sleeping on a satin pillow, which helps break hair less.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day and don’t use the hairdryer as often.
  • Take biotin hair compliments.
  • Use a damp brush when styling.
  • You can also do castor oil treatments to strengthen your hair.
  • Avoid long hair, which can weigh down your features and make you look older.

Don’t forget your beauty routine for a fresh look, advises our Cristina Cordula

cristina cordula short haircut a la garconne