What’s the difference between 360 Lace Wig VS Lace Front Wig?

Ever wondered what the difference between 360 lace wig and lace front wig is and which one you should choose? In this blog, we’re explaining the differences between these two hair extensions. We’ll also tell you why you should opt for a lace wig over a regular wig. Let’s get into it!

What is lace front wig?

A lace front wig is a hairpiece that looks like a natural hairline at the front. It is designed with individual hair ties that are almost invisible lace material at the front. The lace material creates a 3D effect as it looks much like natural hair.

When wearing a lace front wig, it is best to start at the nape and gently pull the wig onto your head. Then, you should position the wig on your hairline and adjust it to your preference. This way, you can achieve a perfect look for any occasion.
However, it is important to note that lace wigs should be worn carefully and only by professionals who know how to use them properly. Also, make sure not to tug or twist the hair ties too forcefully as this may damage your hairline.

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what is 360 lace wig?

A 360 lace wig is a type of human hair lace front wig with a 360° lace around the perimeter of the wig. It is pre-plucked and allows for a variety of hairstyles such as high ponytails and buns. A 360 lace front wig is made of 100% human hair and is a good option for those looking for a durable and versatile style. A 360 lace front wig is suitable for women who want to try different hairstyles without having to worry about their hair falling out or being damaged by the various styles.

A 360 lace front wig is made of hair strands that are individually attached to a net. This net allows the hair strands to be evenly distributed, giving the wig its fullness and natural look. The hair strands are arranged in a particular way to provide a specific look and shape. The length, thickness, and diameter of each strand are customized according to specific needs of the wearer. As such, it provides added comfort and style while also ensuring complete hair coverage.
A human hair lace front wig has many benefits when compared to synthetic wigs. It looks and feels more natural due to hair’s ability to adapt naturally to different environments, making it last longer than synthetic fibers. Furthermore, human hair wigs are more affordable and easy to care for than synthetic ones, making them an excellent investment choice for anyone looking for versatility and quality.

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Differences between 360 Lace Wig and Lace Front Wig

A 360 lace wig is made entirely of lace, allowing for a natural hairline and versatility in styling. This type of wig is also known as a lace front wig because it features a hairline made of lace. This material can be softer and more flexible than a synthetic hairpiece, making it more comfortable to wear and easier to style.

Lace front wigs have a base of less fragile material that is less susceptible to ripping or tearing than a synthetic hairpiece. This makes them more durable and easier to handle and style.

Blonde lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs are available in different styles, lengths, and colors. They offer wearers the ability to choose from a wide range of styles, lengths, and colors without sacrificing the benefits of a lace hairpiece.
In addition to their versatility, both types of wigs are also easy to maintain. They can be washed easily with gentle detergents and hair products.

Which One Should You Choose

Which One Should You Choose?

-In general, lace front wigs are more common and are made of a less fragile material, making them less susceptible to tearing than a full lace wig.
– A full lace wig is thicker and more durable than a 360 lace wig, but they both provide the same hairline look and styling versatility.
– Both full lace wigs and lace front wigs are available in a variety of styles and materials, such as human hair, remy lace, and synthetic. If you’re looking for the most natural looking hair style, a full lace wig is your best bet. However, if you want the versatility of styling options of a 360 lace wig without having to worry about hair loss or damage to your hairline, then that is the perfect option for you.
– Overall, it all comes down to preference and budget. If you’re looking for the perfect hairpiece for your wedding or special occasion event, then it’s advisable to go for either type of wigs with equal care and attention.


We hope this article helped you understand the difference between lace front and 360 lace wigs. If you’re looking for a hair solution that’s natural-looking, lightweight, and versatile, then go for lace front wigs. But if you want a more secure option that gives you the freedom to style your hair as you please, then opt for 360 lace wigs. Now that we’ve given you enough information to make an informed decision, it’s time to pick one and look stunning.

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