Which Fringe for Round Face? Top Hair Ideas for Radiant Look This Summer

The world of bangs includes thousands of modern and classic types. So sometimes it’s easy to get lost in this vast field of possibilities… This is especially true when you not only want to change your head, but also do it in a way that perfectly suits your morphology. On this last point, however, the round face undoubtedly poses the most hesitation. Because, really, bangs can either hide the shape of the face, or emphasize it even more. So, which round-face fringe should you choose to make the most of it? Let’s take a look at the top picks for a hot look this summer!

Which fringe for round faces? Zoom in on the best options for this summer!

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  • Which fringe for a round face?
    • Round face curtain fringe
    • See-through bangs – tapered fringe for round face
    • Micro blunt bangs
    • Side fringe
    • Asymmetrical fringe

Which fringe for a round face?

In principle, when choosing the perfect fringe for your round face, it’s important to avoid straight lines. These will instantly accentuate the roundness of the head. And we want the exact opposite, don’t we? That’s why we recommend playing the layers and angles card. Go for a curtain or side fringe that gives the impression of a slimmer face. So, without wasting any time, let’s move on to the key options to consider.

Emphasis on asymmetrical and side-swept bangs that elongate the round face

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Round face curtain fringe

If you like to keep up with beauty trends, you’ve probably already noticed that curtain fringe is all the rage these days. In fact, it’s proving to be an excellent solution for enhancing a round face. Curtained fringe cuts visually reduce the width of the head. It gently lengthens the center of the forehead, softening the roundness. Also, curtain fringe
draws the eye to the well-defined cheekbones.

Styling tips: Generally, simply blow-dry with a brush. Start from the front and curl the fringe upwards. This way, you’ll give your fringe that slightly swept-back effect.

Curtained fringe is one of the top solutions for a spectacular look.

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See-through bangs – tapered fringe for round face

Another star of the year: see-through bangs. This hair trend draws its inspiration from Korean culture, where this type of fringe is a classic complement to hairstyles. What’s its greatest asset? The fine, usually wispy structure of transparent bangs softens any haircut. It makes the shape of the face more uniform while camouflaging forehead flaws. In fact, it’s a fantastic option to try, especially on medium or long haircuts.

Transparent fringe softens facial features

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Micro blunt bangs

In general, most experts don’t recommend wearing blunt bangs when you have a round face. This is because if the fringe is too straight and blunt, it will only further accentuate the width of the face. However, as the saying goes, every rule has its exception. So what we’re proposing here is the perfect compromise known as micro blunt bangs.

Micro blunt bangs will be all the rage in the beauty and fashion world in 2023.

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In this micro version, the short fringe is cut above the eyebrow line. This lengthens and opens up the face visually. What’s more, for a sublime effect, the fringe is not perfectly straight. We opt for a few slightly longer strands on the sides, for a slimming effect.

A micro blunt fringe with a slimming effect!

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Side bangs

Like curtain bangs, side bangs are an excellent option for round faces. First and foremost, we’re talking about a fairly versatile fringe that offers plenty of styling options. What’s more, this type of side cut softens and lengthens the shape of the head. How so? Normally, the round face is wider in the cheeks. On the other hand, side bangs (especially long ones) usually end at the cheekbones, giving the head a more elongated, oval shape.

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Asymmetrical fringe

Finally, asymmetrical fringe is another superb idea. The lovely contrast between the round, symmetrically shaped face and the messy fringe contributes to a spectacular look that enhances facial features. In fact, it’s a cool option to consider to enhance a short haircut like the Pixie or the face-framing shag cut.

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