Women’s Layered Cut With Medium-length Hair

Today’s topic: the women’s layered cut with medium-length hair!

Cutting styles with a gradient touch are back on trend, especially for mid-length hair.

There are hairstyles that let you show off your natural or dyed hair to stunning effect.

It’s important to choose the right cut to avoid a messy hairstyle.

Trendy women’s layered cut with medium-length hair

If you like popular mid-length hair, gradients are a great choice for embellishing your cut.

Medium-length hair au naturel au naturel: show off your natural hair with a simple cut that always makes an impact.

Mid-length cut wavy offers blurred tips thanks to a slight degradation.

The mid-length retro retro: opt for a smooth cut that brings out the gradient style to perfection.

Mid-length with fringe a cut that highlights straight bangs with tapered strands, ideal if you have a wide forehead.

The mid-length bounced offers curly strands for a bouncy effect when cut.

Other trendy cuts on medium-length, layered hair

Here are some other layered hair styles you can apply to a mid-length cut:

  • The mid-length Hollywood offers an elegant, luminous cut with a blond complexion on straight hair.

  • Mid-length curly fuzzy Choose a wavy cut with a tousled effect that highlights your layered hair.

  • Coiffé-décoiffé gives a layered cut with very tapered strands.

  • The mid-length glamour perfect for straight hair, to highlight the layered style.

  • The mid-length with center parting: a slightly wavy cut for a glamorous, sophisticated touch.

Original layered hairstyles on medium-length hair

If you don’t like short hair, there are some original gradient mid-length haircut styles that suit your hair perfectly.

The medium-length carré A style that adds volume to your layered hairstyle.

The mid-length cut backpacker gives a versatile result suitable for all hair types.

Mid-length cut soft :ideal if you have soft hair with a model that allows you to keep the length.

The mid-length extra-slim : you can opt for a tapered technique, perfect for fine hair.

The mid-length right :a straight, rectilinear cut that gives more roundness to the face.

Other original gradient styles on medium-length hair

If you’re looking for original hairstyles for your medium-length hair, there are some styles that can give you inspiration:

  • Medium-length on the side For an original, layered look, opt for long side bangs in a side-hair style.

  • The mid-length crumpled favors a symmetrical cut that’s both offbeat and chic.

  • Natural A natural cut that emphasizes the gradient effect.

  • The mid-length tapered A hairstyle that becomes avant-garde with tapered strands for an elegant result.

  • Brown highlights natural hair color in a slightly wavy cut.

Plunging mid-length bob

The plunging bob style is a trendy cut that brings out the best in layered, medium-length hair.

Plunging bob sweptoffers a sweeping technique on tapered gradient tips for a dynamic hairstyle.

Disgorged Gives a cut result with shiny highlights.

Plunging square natural A classic gradient style that’s easy to do.

Platinum blonde ideal if you have straight hair for an elegant layered style.

Plunging square smooth year 2016 A hairstyle that’s still on trend, energized by the gradient, with a symmetrical finish and tinted highlights.

Square plunge multi-purpose

Here are other plunging bob styles you can apply to your layered medium-length hair:

Victoria Beckham style one of the most famous plunging bob models with a touch of gradient tips.

Plunging square with fringe Gives a tousled look with tapered strands.

Dark hair You can opt for a more traditional asymmetrical layered hairstyle.

The plunging square straight hair A reinvented symmetrical cut with tapered gradient ends.

Plunging square for glamorous hair a lightly curled cut with tapered strands for an attractive touch.

Women’s layered cut with braided mid-length hair

Adding braided strands gives a more aesthetic touch to a layered cut with a blurred finish.

The braid headband apply a few braided strands to the top of the head, with the rest of the hair loose to highlight the layered cut.

Braid half-tail gives a loose cut with two braided strands attached to the back of the hairstyle.

Half waterfall a chic cut that brings out the dreads with a blurred effect.

Braid twisted applies twisted braids to create loose, drooping tresses.

The crown braid: favors an elegant cut by using two braids on the side to create a crown of hair on the top of the head.

Women’s layered cut with elegant mid-length hair

Semi-length hair can be a distinguished layered cut, worn formally or at a party with the right model.

The ripples offers blurred gradient waves with the application of tapered highlights.

The perfect smooth gives a very smooth, layered cut for an elegant, chic result.

Brushing For a hairstyle with distinctive gradated waves, suitable for all hair types.

Discreetavy For an elegant hairstyle, opt for hair with a slight wave effect.

The light wavy offers a tapered ombré cut that combines with a layered wavy effect.

Other elegant cuts for medium-length hair

If you’re looking for an elegant hairstyle for medium-length hair, here are some other hairstyles you might like:

  • Braided crown offers a blurred, gradient result on a simple crown at the top of the head for an elegant effect.

  • Loose bun is achieved with a mixture of braided strands just above the low flou chignon.

  • The cup wavy A very popular haircut that showcases layered wavy curls.

  • Loose hair :opts for a tousled layered cut with the addition of accessories to embellish her hair.

  • Ponytail Apply a mid-height ponytail, blurred at the tips, for an elegant touch.

Women’s layered cut with wavy mid-length hair

It’s possible to do a layered hairstyle on wavy hair for a loose, voluminous result.

Waves retro a hairstyle that highlights curls for an elegant effect.

Hair curly A blond complexion to enhance your curly hair.

The effect notched mid-length: gives a tousled result on tapered, blurred locks thanks to the gradient touch.

Medium-length hair wavy You can opt for a trendy blond complexion to bring out the waves.

Wavy medium-long: apply tapered strands to achieve a blurred wave effect.

Women’s layered cut with medium-length hair: easy to do

If you like simple cuts, there are some mid-length styles that might suit you.

The demi-wet offers a wet effect combed back with a spray, on a mid-length layered hairstyle.

Raised style for medium-length hair: opt for two large strands on each side, meeting at mid-height.

Cup mid-length offers a blurred attached finish with highlights.

Fastener on mid-length cut: gives a result of hair tied at mid-height for an airy effect.

Braid on medium-length hair: a finish with two braided strands that join end-to-end at mid-height, with loose hair to highlight the gradient.

Shaded hairstyle on medium-length straightened hair

Applying an ombré technique highlights mid-length layered hair, especially with a mahogany complexion.

Mahogany ombré on cut tapered For a touch of brilliance to energize facial features.

Mahogany ombré with curls You can opt for a loose, cascading cut to bring out the layered style for a glamorous, elegant result.

Mahogany on wavy wick offers sparkling locks for a chic, ravishing result.

Mahogany ombré on hair curly For highlighting curls with a voluminous cut.

Mahogany ombré brown Ideal for brunette hair, with a shading method that adds relief and dynamism to the hairstyle.

Women’s layered cut with ombré mid-length hair

The use of the ombré technique is very popular, highlighting the strands of hair that correspond to the layered style.

Natural brown ombre: gives a natural result to modernize classic mid-length cuts.

Natural long shadow : allows you to reinvent your layered haircut with the application of a shadow that blends with your natural complexion for a warm, deep effect.

Bronde Ombré glamour : Opt for a blend of brown and blond tones that can be adapted to your natural skin tone for a fresh, clean color.

Shimmering wavy shadow : gives a more natural result with a soft, luminous touch.

Auburn Shadow: a combination of brown and red that gives your layered haircut more structure, for a modern effect.

It’s possible to have a beautiful layered cut whatever the nature of your medium-length hair.

Women’s layered cut with medium-length hair

Here are some other elegant hairstyles you can apply to medium-length hair:

  • Banana rock offers a voluminous style with an original tousled effect thanks to the gradient.

  • The bun French style a low chignon reinvented with a blurred effect.

  • Brushing For a simple cut, opt for side-swept bangs.

  • Bun banana crepe a cut that offers a free strand on the side for a more modern touch.

  • The half-tail herringbone braid: gives a result with a thick, fuzzy braided half-tail.

You may or may not tint your hair to accentuate the layered effect to your heart’s content.

As a bonus, there’s the mid-length cut with blonde highlights that you can apply for a chic, on-trend effect.